Compatible versions
It is used to replenish the balance of tokens for the ContentGenius GPT  addon
2 000  1 900 
Automation of product sales on Wildberries
22 200  12 800 
The add-on allows you to configure the main and minor currencies for each interface language and automatically switch between them when changing the language
7 000  5 000 
Allows you to perform auto database backup to Google Drive.
4 800 
Allows the customer to specify a convenient method of communication at checkout
1 200 
Allows you to disable blocks for mobile or other devices by cutting them out of the DOM structure
3 500 
Adds ability to add multiple products to the cart with one 'Add to cart all products' button.
3 095 
Returns old functionality that allows bind global option as copy of local
2 302 
Allows add credit programs for payments and fees calculation.
13 096 
Allows to track price history by chartlist on product page.
3 091 
Allows you to sell a certain amount of goods or goods with a floating value. You can sell food products (in grams, kilograms), products sold in packages (boxes, boxes) and other things that have a floating amount
15 200 
Allows you to create list of additional services you provide (e.g. gift wrapping, Shipping Insurance etc.)
4 994 
Changes the default geolocation to better one
5 067 
Vertical Menu
2 500 
Optimizes search results by allowing you to search by category, brand and product features, thereby increasing conversion rates on the site
8 800  5 200