Disabling blocks for mobile devices

Allows you to disable blocks for mobile or other devices by cutting them out of the DOM structure

3 500 

Local Product Options

Returns old functionality that allows bind global option as copy of local
2 302 

Fractional Stock

Allows selling a certain quantity of goods or goods with a floating value. You can sell food products (in grams, kilograms), products sold in packages (crates, boxes), and other items that have a floating sum.
6 200  3 900 

Quick Search

The add-on allows customers to make quick search with drop-down options list on the product catalog using the standard search field.
5 000 

Images Lazy Load

Performs lazy load for product and banner images. Developed by CS-Coding
5 016 

Product Color Filter

Allows you to filter by colors. Developed by CS-Coding
5 016 

Logo in SVG

Allows you to use the logo in SVG format on the site

Product name from the specification

Composes the name of the product from the selected characteristics
3 500 quick entry of addresses

Shows hints when entering an address on the checkout page. Automatically fills in the zip code. Integrated with service
3 000 

Sorting goods by characteristic

Allows you to sort products in a category according to the selected feature or article. Facilitates the search for the desired product and makes shopping more convenient for customers.
1 500 

Credit aggregator

Displays data on all loan offers and installments in one list on the storefront. This allows you to quickly determine the most favorable conditions.
3 700 

Hidden product information

Allows you to hide filters, features and product tabs for selected user groups
3 220 

Compare sellers prices

Allows you to compare seller prices for common products
7 500 

Info Panel

Informs your customers about urgent events, non-working days, promotions and more through a convenient and stylish information panel that sticks to the top border of the screen.
2 500 

Multilevel menu

A add-on that changes the appearance of the main menu

3 000 

Category group for main

Adds a new block displaying categories on the main page. Useful for clients for quick navigation.
2 000