Logo and Brand Book Development for Your CS-Cart Project

Our experienced team will assist you in solving tasks related to the development of your company's corporate identity


"Corporate Identity Package" with a 30% discount

The perfect offer for those in need of a complete package for logo design and brand book development for a project on CS-Cart.

$350 $500


We will design a logo for your brand, assist with choosing a name, and define the overall brand style. We will provide several options and refine the chosen one.


Brand Book

We will create a document for the use of your logo and corporate colors. If necessary, we will also work on the identity to establish a consistent company style and image. For an additional fee, we can design business cards and T-shirts.



  • Изображение
    Logo and Brand Book for an Online Store of Dietary Supplements
  • Изображение
    Logo and Brand Book for Food Delivery
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    Logo and Brand Book for a Loyalty Program

    Work Stages

    The first step is to submit a request for the service or package of services related to web design for your CS-Cart website.
    We will get in touch with you to discuss and specify the necessary work. We showcase our previous projects and provide consultation.
    You fill out a brief to help us create a detailed task specification for the execution.
    We commence work upon receiving a 50% upfront payment.
    We seek your approval for the design and make revisions if necessary.
    Project Delivery
    We deliver the project within the agreed-upon timeframe.


    Konstantin Karamyshkin
    Head of Elitupak
    We had an outdated online store, and the task was to update it to have a beautiful, functional, and user-friendly website. We decided to entrust the migration to CS-Cart to the make shop team because, during the discussion of the technical specifications, it became clear that they are professionals in their field.
    We were very pleased with the new design; we opted for a graphic design package. From a technical perspective, everything was done precisely (the migration to the platform, data transfer from 1C to MySklad and the website, and so on). They respond fairly quickly to all questions in the chat, and you can always request additional functionality development.
    We hope for further productive cooperation!
    Milana B
    Head of herb4.me
    I recently had the pleasure of working with a company that designed and developed an online store for me, and I must say that my experience with them has been nothing short of exceptional.
    First and foremost, I was immediately struck by the brilliance of the logo created by Victoria Grigorova. It's not every day that a logo idea is accepted on the first try, but Victoria's design captured the essence of our brand perfectly. It's eye-catching, memorable, and embodies the spirit of our online store.
    Oleg Gapharov
    Head of «ATMO» Ltd.
    The MakeShop.Pro team implemented a new design for the regional marketplace Bash.Market. I would like to highlight their high speed in solving assigned tasks and professionalism in achieving results! They quickly designed the necessary blocks and promptly integrated them into the layout, significantly improving the website's appearance.
    Lyubov Smirnova
    Director of pechnik-rzn.ru
    We would like to thank the MakeShop.pro team for the development of the design and layout of the website footer and the subscription form for our email newsletter. The task was executed with quality and on time, without delays. We will definitely be reaching out again!


    • Изображение
      Viktoriya Grigorova
      I constantly strive to understand the needs of users so that my design can make their lives more convenient and enjoyable.
      Each project is a unique opportunity to transform ideas into functional and creative solutions.
      I take pride in helping make the "web" world a little more user-friendly and intuitive :)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is included in website design development?
    We conduct an analysis of the target audience, identifying the problems and needs of your customers. We prepare a website prototype and make revisions based on your feedback. We create web design for the CS-Cart website from scratch, making adjustments but no more than 5 iterations of edits.
    How will the designer understand my requirements, preferences, and needs?
    Before starting the development of the web design for the CS-Cart online store, we will analyze the project, competitors, your requirements, and the niche. We also have a brief for many services where you can convey all your design preferences.
    In what format will I receive the results of the designer's work?
    Usually, we provide a link to the layout in the Figma graphic editor, where you can view the web design for the CS-Cart website directly in your web browser. We can also send the layouts in the form of regular image files if needed.
    Can I make changes to the design after it's completed?
    Typically, we collaborate with the client to finalize the design of each page, as well as the appearance of specific elements if necessary. Revisions can be made at this stage. After the work is delivered, we can still make minor adjustments if they do not affect the display of other page elements significantly.
    What is a brand book, and what does it include?
    A brand book is an official document of a company that describes the brand's colors, rules for using the logo, variations of business cards, and other branding elements. Our brand book includes only color schemes and color combination rules; the logo is a separate charge.
    Can you do the coding based on my design?
    We can and do coding based on client-provided designs. It's preferable if you provide the design in Figma.
    I already have HTML and CSS coding. Will the work be cheaper?
    CS-Cart coding is built on its own templates and blocks, so using standard coding won't work. It needs to be done from scratch.
    Is it possible to code based on sketches?
    It depends on the quality of the sketches. Sometimes, design is not needed, and everything looks good as is. However, typically, sketches are handed over to a designer for drawing, and then the coding work begins.
    Does coding work include creating functionality?
    If the design involves functionality, we will inform you and provide a separate estimate for such work.


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