Development of a Technical Specification

If the website or module is complex enough to require a detailed description of its requirements, it will be necessary to create a technical specification.

About the Development of a Technical Specification

The service of creating a technical specification for the development of functionality and modules for CS-Cart websites is professional support and consultation provided to the client to define and document all necessary requirements and project parameters.

Creating a technical specification for the development of a CS-Cart website or module contributes to a more efficient and structured development process, reduces risks, and ensures that the project aligns with the client's expectations.

Stages of Technical Specification Development:

Consultation and Analysis
Our specialists conduct meetings and discussions with the client to understand their goals, needs, and expectations. This includes an analysis of business processes and specific tasks that need to be addressed.
Formulating Requirements
Based on the gathered data, a document is created with formalized requirements for the functionality and modules of the website. This includes descriptions of features, key characteristics, the interface, and any specific requirements.
Defining Business Goals
The creation of the technical specification also involves defining the business goals that should be achieved through the new functionality. This ensures that the development will be directed towards addressing specific business tasks.
Technical Specifications
The technical specification includes details such as programming languages, technologies, databases, performance requirements, and scalability needs.
Timeframes and Budget
This service also provides an estimate of the development timeline and budget, helping the client plan their project.
Approval and Control
After drafting, the technical specification is discussed and approved by the client and, if necessary, may undergo adjustments.


Cost of Technical Specification Development for CS-Cart Project

Technical Specification Development

If the website or module is complex enough to require a description in the form of requirements, a technical specification will be needed. This specification will include user interface designs from the user and administrator perspectives, a description of each element of functionality, and an outline of the interaction scheme with current CS-Cart modules or solutions from third-party developers.



Director of store
I was searching for a web store developer and came across the CS-Cart platform. I reached out to its creators. Various representatives of this platform in Russia started reaching out to me. Among them was the Makeshop team. They explained everything in detail, making it easy for me to understand. I decided to work with them. Together, we worked on and created an online store. I constantly come up with tasks that are necessary for our business, and the team easily brings them to life. There are plenty of ideas in my head, and there is still much to do with Makeshop. My rating for our collaboration is a solid five.
Alexey Vedenin
Co-owner of LLC "Blood Group"
LLC "Blood Group" has a positive experience working with the studio for consulting services in developing modules for the CS-Cart marketplace. Throughout the project, the studio has proven to be a responsible partner, delivering high-quality work on time. The team always accommodated our requests, offered optimal solutions, and demonstrated a high level of expertise.
Anastasia Belykh
Public Relations and Communications Manager at MosOptTorg -
We have been collaborating with Makeshop for several years and have implemented multiple significant and interesting projects. Most recently, the development team created two modules for us. One of them involves synchronizing with another website with complex functionality. The other is an internal program module for our employees. Tasks were defined, and several good solutions were proposed. Then, implementation followed according to the specified deadlines. Communication was maintained throughout the entire period, adjustments were made, and all processes were refined. As of today, we continue our partnership with Makeshop and rely on their professionalism in their work.
Natalia Khlystikova
MEASoft - Delivery Service Software
Our collaboration with the MakeShop team has been extremely satisfying. We commissioned the development of a complex module for courier services. The team works quickly, tackles challenging tasks, and explores possible solutions. Over the two years of working with them, everything has been great!

Work Stages

The first step is to submit a request for the service or service package you are interested in.
We will contact you to specify the necessary work, demonstrate our cases, and provide consultation.
Technical Specification
We either receive a technical specification from you or create one ourselves.
We start the work after receiving a 50% prepayment. We develop the module or solution to align with CS-Cart development standards.
Testing and Installation
We conduct testing, rectify any identified issues, and install it on the client's website if required.
Project Delivery
We deliver the project within the agreed-upon timeline and provide a 6-month warranty for our work.


  • Изображение
    Pavel Papaev
    Head of Development Department
    Do you have a great idea for your clients, but the functionality is not available out-of-the-box in CS-Cart? That's not a problem for us! We will help you outline your ideas in a technical specification and then proceed to develop, test, and add the new functionality to your website. Remember, anything is possible! The more complex the concept, the more interesting it is to work on ;-)
  • Изображение
    Mikhail Azarenkov
    For me, development is a way to provide people with what they need. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing someone using a website or application you've created. That's why I fully dedicate myself to my work and strive to create the perfect product.
  • Изображение
    Vladislav Markelov
    As a FullStack Developer on CS-Cart, I'm an experienced professional with skills in both front-end and back-end development. With my assistance, companies get fully functional revenue sources that meet customer needs and deliver high results.
  • Изображение
    Nurgiz Mukhutdinov
    My role in the team is mostly focused on developing high-quality integration modules with other platforms, such as MySklad, RetailCRM, CommerceMl, and more. I aim to apply modern development methods in my work and stay up-to-date. I enjoy taking on complex and large tasks and strive to complete them with quality and elegance.
  • Изображение
    Evgeny Razdobreev
    I'm a FullStack developer with experience in web programming since 2017. I'm a proponent of implementing and using modern technologies and tools. Writing code, for me, is both work and pleasure. It's important to me that users enjoy using our products.
  • Изображение
    Nikita Krasnov
    A good mobile application is well-thought-out and functional software that meets user expectations and exceeds them.

    My mission is to choose the right tools for business tasks and create a well-supported product.
  • Изображение
    Vladilen Isaenya
    For me, creating applications or websites is not just a job. It's a desire to create something that you would want to see every day and return to.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you work on an outsourcing model?
    We do not work on an outsourcing model. We are ready to consider a technical specification or specific tasks and work on them at a fixed cost or using the Agile methodology.
    How can I verify the effectiveness of a programmer's work? I'm concerned that they might just run a timer and not work.
    If we are working on a fixed estimate, we provide the hours upfront and do not change the cost for you. How many hours a programmer spends on a task is our concern.

    If we are working with Agile, we discuss and agree on the planned time commitments with you before the start of the sprint. In this case, it's more accurate to look at the overall project time rather than individual tasks, as the actual time spent on different tasks may vary, but on average, it will correspond to the planned time.
    Do you provide a warranty for your work?
    We offer a 6-month warranty period after the project is delivered. Despite the fact that we develop with the logic of CS-Cart and always make changes through modules, and we never modify the core directly, it is impossible to guarantee the correct functioning of the module with certain changes. Therefore, the warranty only covers errors found in our modules.

    The warranty is void in cases where:

    The website has been updated and the logic of built-in modules has significantly changed.
    Modules were installed that were not available at the time our product was released.
    Third-party specialists have worked on the website.
    All of these actions can disrupt the module's functionality and may require the development of a patch.
    Can I have exclusive rights to the development I've ordered?
    It is possible, but the hourly rate would be higher. Please discuss the details with your manager.
    Does CS-Cart have an open source code?
    Yes, CS-Cart has open-source code. The code is fully open for modifications, and if desired, changes can be made to any part of the site. However, it's recommended to follow common CS-Cart development practices to avoid issues when updating.
    How can the platform be extended? Can new functionality be added to the site?
    Extending the functionality of a CS-Cart site is our daily work. The platform is extended using add-ons or modules. If you need new functionality, you'll need to develop a custom module.
    Why do developers like CS-Cart?
    Developers appreciate CS-Cart for its well-thought-out and structured development logic, which makes it easy to understand and modify both the core platform and third-party add-ons.


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