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Compatible versions
Adds ability to add multiple products to the cart with one 'Add to cart all products' button.
3 095 
Allows you to create list of additional services you provide (e.g. gift wrapping, Shipping Insurance etc.)
4 994 
Vertical Menu
2 500 
The add-on allows you to monitor all users who came to the site with special parameters - UTM-tags. Because of this, you can always make just the right investments in advertising!
3 000 
Optimizes your store for SEO
5 002 
The add-on allows customers to rate sellers and leave feedback after purchases. Gives you the opportunity to respond to a review or file a complaint
5 200 
Allows you to promptly notify users and administrators about orders through push notifications in the browser and SMS
4 500 
Allows to add a block with timer for promotions
3 500 
Integrates CS-Cart with eSputnik
3 742 
Allows you to set product code format and check for empty codes and duplicates. Developed by CS-Coding
3 105 
Allows to rename images by translit or products name. Developed by CS-Coding
2 309 
Allows to post product news to the social networks(Facebook fan page, VK, Google+, Instagram, etc).
5 096 
Allows you to set the lifetime of bonus points, as well as set a specific expiration date for all points. It is possible to send personalized motivational notifications to clients. Process automation available via cron
3 800  2 500 
Add-on sends E-Mail reminders to customers with incomplete orders.
3 742 
Informs your customers about urgent events, non-working days, promotions and more through a convenient and stylish information panel that sticks to the top border of the screen.
2 500 
Extension of the CS-Cart "Reward points" addon.
7 500