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My name is Vavilov Andrey. I am the head of the MakeShop.pro studio which develops marketplaces and online stores on the CS-Cart platform. I am also the owner of online stores LEDROID.ru and gauss.shop. Owning my own stores gives me a clear understanding of the problems and needs of customers.

Our studio has been working since 2015. Initially we took on the development of any sites on different CMS. Broad specialists are important but a broad specialist will not be able to go deeply into the problem and offer the best solution. We conducted market research on the availability of CMS for online stores. As CMS for e-Commerce we chose CMS CS-Cart. And as time showed our choice was correct. In three years we managed to become a certified Gold Certified Partner of CS-Cart.
Doing it on time
Thanks to our streamlined project-building process we get things done on time.
Lifetime Warranty
We give a lifetime warranty on our work. If something breaks down through our fault we'll fix it for free.
Stage-by-stage payment, installments
Flexible and customer-friendly payment formats. Phased payment for the project is possible.
We consult you in launching the project
We will advise on project startup and its success in the market. We will prepare instructions.
Convenient interaction
We work in a task manager which allows you to keep track of project deadlines and tasks.
Account Manager
Your project is managed by an experienced manager who is available by phone chat or task manager including out-of-hours on urgent issues.
How much does a marketplace cost?
Each business has its own specifics. Each solution has its own task.

Some use a marketplace to unite sellers by some feature or theme others aim at the world market. Malls often allow tenants to sell online.

This is why the cost of a marketplace is calculated individually. The starting price starts at $1 770
Personalized solution
Website: https://kvent.ru/
Duration: 30 days
The client needed to update the CMS platform of the site, move the content and set up synchronization.

We transferred the content from the old site while maintaining the SEO positions. We synchronized the site with MoiSklad.
Personal solution
Website: https://boom-ba-boom.ru
Duration: 35 дней
Price: $1 520
We made the synchronization of the site with MoiShklad system, developed and implemented a new design.
Oksana had to update the platform of the old site. CMS CS-Cart was chosen for this purpose.
Stages of project development
Getting to Know You and Consulting
You leave an application. We contact you to get acquainted with your project.
Analytics and forecasts
We dive into the subject, generate ideas for optimizing and improving the project, organize and structure the information.

Work plan
We make a plan-schedule of the project's stages. We negotiate the MVP.
Working out
We actively work on the project. You monitor the project and make adjustments if necessary.
Launch of the project
We test and launch the project. The first few days we observe its workability.

Project Maintenance
We take care of the project and add new features and solutions. We develop the project.
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