Compatible versions
The add-on allows you to monitor all users who came to the site with special parameters - UTM-tags. Because of this, you can always make just the right investments in advertising!
3 000 
Increases the speed of loading pages of the site, reduces the consumption of user resources due to the improved algorithm of loading images on the site.
5 100  1 800 
Integrates your store with Facebook Pixel analytics
3 742 
Intelligent assistant for filling store content (generation of product and category descriptions)
Composes the name of the product from the selected characteristics
3 500 
Extends the functionality of the standard module "SEO" addon
3 850 
Adds export and import for 301 redirect list
4 500  1 800 
The add-on provides a wide range of settings for creating informative filter tooltips. Additionally, you can create a glossary of terms for user convenience
3 300  2 900 
Add-on for analyzing 404 errors. Collects statistics of transitions to a 404 page, displays it in a convenient list, allows you to set up redirects and import/export data
2 500 
Adds an additional text block in categories
7 000  5 500