Tracking 404 errors

Add-on for analyzing 404 errors. Collects statistics of transitions to a 404 page, displays it in a convenient list, allows you to set up redirects and import/export data
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Latest module version 1.6.8 Updated: 07.09.2023
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The add-on allows tracking transitions to pages with a 404 response code, which is a useful tool in the arsenal of your SEO specialist. We constantly use it in our studio when transferring a site to CMS CS-Cart from another CMS, as the structure of the resource changes and despite the compiled map of redirects, individual errors may arise.

After installation, the add-on immediately starts tracking all transitions to Not Found Pages. For any type of error - a typo in the address or a transition from an external source, it doesn't matter - in the module interface, you can see the entire list of broken links and immediately configure 301 or 302 redirects to the correct pages.


Add-on Features

  • Automatic fixing of 404 errors.
  • Counting the number of jumps for each erroneous address.
  • Ability to export and import the list of 404 errors using csv-file.
  • Handy creation of 301 and 302 redirects right in the list of addresses with 404 errors.
  • Store Builder
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • Owners
  • Vendors
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • English
  • Русский
Compatible versions:
  • 4.17.X
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.15.X
  • 4.14.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.12.X
  • 4.11.X
  • 4.10.X


After downloading the add-on, it is installed using standard CS-Cart tools on the Administrator Panel → Add-ons→ Manage add-ons→ Download and install add-on (+) page.

For CS-Cart versions greater than 4.13.1 Administrator panel → Add-ons→ Manage add-ons→ Gear button → Manual installation.


Working with functionality

To view statistics and work with redirects, you need to open the Website → SEO → MS: 404 pages section.


This page displays all transitions to non-existent pages made by site visitors.


To set up a redirect you need:

  1. In the selected line, select Type of redirect:
    1. 301 - permanent redirect;
    2. 302 - temporary redirect.
  2. In the Link to line, indicate the transition address, for example /elektronika;
  3. Click Save.

To create a new entry with a configured redirect, you must:

  1. Click “+”Add;
  2. In the URL field, indicate the link that needs to be redirected;
  3. In the Link to field, indicate the URL to which the redirect will lead;
  4. Select Type of redirect;
  5. Select Status;
  6. Click the Save button.

Editing is done in the same way as creating a new entry or using quick editing directly in the list.


The add-on can export the list of redirects to a csv file and conversely import the list from a file. This functionality is available in two ways:

1. In the top menu Administrator Panel page → Administration  Import Data  MS: Import 404 pages.


Similarly Administrator Panel page → Administration  Export Data  MS: Export 404 pages.

2. From the add-on menu Administrator Panel page → Website → SEO → MS: 404 pages → Gear Menu  MS: Export 404 pages (or MS: Import 404 pages).


To export, it is necessary to specify which fields except the obligatory redirect_id we will upload to the file. Then write the name of this file and press Export:


To import using the Load button, select the file to load which should contain fields from the list on the page and then click Import:


v1.6.8 from 09.07.2023

[*] Changed

v1.6.7 from 08.28.2023

[*] Changed short tags to regular

v1.6.6 from 12.26.2022

[+] Add-on standardization

v1.6.5 from 10.09.2022

[+] Add-on standardization

v1.6.4 from 06.27.2022

[!] When adding a 301 redirect, redirection to the final page did not work, fixed

v1.6.3 from 06.08.2022

[*] Add-on description changed

v1.6.2 from 06.06.2022

[*] Add-on code standardization

v1.6.1 from 06.06.2022

[*] Number of transitions, by default starts from the first, changed

v1.6.0 from 06.06.2022

[+] Updated Export/Import of redirects

v1.5.4 from 07.01.2021

[!] Added check for the existence of keys in the $_SERVER variable

v1.5.3 from 06.01.2021

[*] Changed language variables

v1.5.2 from 05.01.2021

[*] Changed the location of the add-on link in the CS-Cart menu

v1.5.1 from 04.01.2021

[!] Fixed pagination error for multi-showcases

v1.5.0 from 03.01.2021

[!] Changed add-on.xml schema version to 3.0

v1.4.1 from 02.01.2021

[*] Changed the name and description of the add-on

v1.4.0 from 01.01.2021

[+] Added support for multiple storefronts


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