Tracking 404 errors


Tracks transitions to 404 pages and displays them in the form of a convenient list with the ability to create redirects.

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Error 404 and its consequences

Visitors to sites periodically encounter a phenomenon such as error 404 or Not Found Page. This caption appears when you try to navigate to a page. Users do not find the necessary content and waste time.

A resource that contains such errors has little credibility. If this is an online store, then you will have to forget about the growth of sales. A large percentage of potential customers will leave the site.

Undetected pages prevent the site from taking a good position in search results. All efforts spent on SEO promotion are ineffective. That’s why checking for health links is so important.

Add-on functions for detecting broken links

The 404 error installer module is easy to install. Once installed, it tracks the page transitions. Pages not found. If there is a typo in the URL, then thanks to the module, it was possible to identify and configure the transition to the correct page.

Fixed broken links are displayed in the list for easy setup of redirects. If necessary, you can export the list to a csv file. There is a function for manually creating redirects 301 and 302.

When you migrate a site to CMS CS-Cart, the resource structure changes. The module will also help in this case, so in addition to determining errors 404, it is used to compensate for change.

Add-on Features

  • Automatic fixing of 404 errors.
  • Ability to export a list of found pages with error 404 to a csv file.
  • Convenient creation of 301 and 302 redirects in the list of found pages with error 404.
  • Simple installation, requires no additional settings.


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The installation

After downloading the module, it is installed by standard CS-Cart tools on the Administrator Panel page → Add-ons → Manage add-ons → Upload & install add-on (+). 

The settings

The module does not require configuration, it is ready to work immediately after installation.

Working with functionality

Setup 404 errors

The page with the main functionality of the module can be found at Administrator Panel page → Website → SEO → MS: 404 pages.

When any user of the site navigates to a non-existent page (404 error), it will be automatically displayed in the list of unrecovered pages of the module. 

For 404 pages, you can configure the 301/302 redirects to a desired page with the help of quickly editing directly in the list in the Link to column, and then necessary to save your changes by clicking the Save button.

If you want to add a new entry (mainly for redirects 301/302), click Create (+).

For this:

  1. The URL field indicate the link you want to redirect.
  2. In the Link to you specify the URL to which the redirector will lead.
  3. Select Redirect Type and click To create.

Editing is generate the same as creating a new record or with the help using quick editing directly in the list.


In the module toolset includes exporting a list of 404 pages to a csv file. This functionality is available in two ways:

1. In the top menu Administrator Panel page → Administration  Export Data  MS: Export 404 pages.

2. From the module menu Administrator Panel page → Website → SEO → MS: 404 pages → Gear Menu  MS: Export 404 pages.


v1.5.4 from 20.01.2021

[!] Keys existence check was added in the $_SERVER variable.

v1.5.3 from 12.01.2021

[*] Language variables were changed.

v1.5.2  from 11.01.2021

[*] Location of module link was changed in CS-Cart menu.

v1.5.1 from 14.12.2020

[!] The pagination error was fixed for multiple storefronts.

v1.5.0 from 08.12.2020

[*] the addon.xml schema version was changed to 3.0.
[*] Code refactoring

v1.4.1 from 29.09.2020.

[*] The name and description of the module was changed.

v1.4.0 from 04.08.2020

[+] Support for several storefronts was added.


  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • English
  • Русский


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