Fractional Stock

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Allows you to sell a certain amount of goods or goods with a floating value. You can sell food products (in grams, kilograms), products sold in packages (boxes, boxes) and other things that have a floating amount
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By default, CS-Cart does not have the ability to work with fractional values of product balances; this causes great inconvenience for owners of grocery stores, construction materials stores, and printing houses. Any product where you need to operate with fractional values.

Another problem is selling goods in packages; you can set the product quantity step, but it will not be clear how many packages the client will receive. Or you sell goods in packages, but count them in the warehouse in pieces, or in weight (kg, g, t) or volume (m3, l3)

Our add-on solves 2 problems at once and allows you to sell goods in fractional parts and packages


You can flexibly configure the add-on for each product individually or for the entire store as a whole, or add exceptions.

The add-on supports displaying the unit of measurement of the quantity of goods, setting the step for selecting quantity, the minimum and maximum quantity of goods to order. It solves the problems of displaying available products on the site and simplifies the sales process.


Selling goods in packages is now very flexible and understandable for both the store owner and the client. You can:

  • Sell only in packages and display packages;
  • Sell in packages and show how many units of goods the client will receive;
  • Sell in pieces and show and let you add the product to your cart in packages.

In this case, you will count the goods individually (in whole numbers or fractions) and you can configure this individually for each product.


Add-on features

  • Sale of goods in fractional units;
  • Setting the unit of measurement for the quantity of goods. Both globally and locally;
  • Disable fractional balance for units included in exceptions;
  • Setting the step for selecting the quantity of goods to order;
  • Setting the minimum and maximum values for the order;
  • Customizable display for sale in packages;
  • Customizable display of the quantity in the cart;
  • Compatible with Unitheme and Youpi templates.

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v2.5.13 11/14/2023

[-] Removed unnecessary, commented-out code

[!] Field MS: "Minimum quantity of goods for order" does not work. Corrected

[!] The "Quantity unit" field in the settings is not translated. Corrected

[!] Correct display in the product card

[*] Current line numbers for adding add-on hooks

[+] Added information about adding add-on hooks

[!] Added types of displaying the quantity of goods on the cart icon

[!] Displaying fractional values in the cart

[!] Displaying the product quantity counter in the product card

[+] Add-onstandardization

v2.5.12 from 10/23/2023

[!] Correct counting of packages on the cart page

[!] Availability of the service on the order page in the administrative panel

[!] The "Quantity unit" field in the product settings has been changed to the "float" type

[!] Fields related to quantity selection only store positive values

[!] In the field MS: "Minimum quantity of goods for order" only entering digital values is available

[*] Standardization of language variables

v2.5.11 from 10/16/2023

[*] Changed short tags to regular

[*] Add-on settings have been reworked

v2.5.10 from 07/18/2023

[!] Correct display in the product card

[!] Loading icons

[!] Field "Product quantity step" saves only positive values

[!] Correct display of unit names on the pages of promotional products, new items, bestsellers and search results

[!] Displaying units of measurement on the deferred page

v2.5.9 from 06/25/2023

[+] Add-on standardization

v2.5.8 from 06/12/2023

[+] Add-on standardization

v2.5.7 from 06/08/2023

[*] The style in the "Bestsellers" block has been corrected if it opens in the product card

v2.5.6 from 06/05/2023

[+] Added a setting for displaying fractional balances in the import and export of goods

[+] Added settings and adjustments for displaying all sales methods on different pages

[+] Added a setting for displaying units of measurement in the block of offers from sellers in the product card

[!] Fixed a bug that breaks the category view page

v2.5.5 from 05/20/2023

[+] Added a setting for displaying fractional balances in the product card on the product editing page in the admin panel

v2.5.4 from 05/16/2023

[*] Minor changes to the qty.override.tpl template

v2.5.3 from 05/16/2023

[!] Fixed an error when adding a product to the cart when the "General products of sellers" add-on is running

v2.5.2 from 05/15/2023

[*] Licensing

v2.5.1 from 05/10/2023

[!] Fixed import of the product_amount_postfix field

Compatible versions:
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.15.X
  • 4.14.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.12.X
  • English
  • Русский

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