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A add-on that changes the appearance of the main menu

3 000 
Full, two-way integration with retailCRM.
15 000  14 000 
Automatic loading of new orders with the ability to adjust the refresh rate and highlight time.
3 500 
Extends the functionality of the standard module "SEO" addon
3 850 
Extension of the CS-Cart "Reward points" addon.
7 500 
The add-on integrates with the "Blacklist" service from It checks client data against the database and displays their order redemption rating. Additionally, the add-on provides the store with summary information about the number of orders made by the customer, which is shown in the details of each order.
МExtended order exchange between MoySklad and CS-Cart. The order status, order composition, payment and delivery methods are transmitted. Works by API.
12 000 
The module allows you apply fixes after update
3 000 
Adds a new block with categories for quick navigation. Three modern presets to choose from. Can be placed on the main page or in any convenient place
2 000 
Displays the wholesale price depending on the user's rights
1 000 

Adds export and import for 301 redirect list

5 000 
Sends an e-mail with the order data to the selected pickup point.
2 000 
The add-on provides a wide range of settings for creating informative filter tooltips. Additionally, you can create a glossary of terms for user convenience
3 300  2 900 
The module allows you to add user profile using forms. Developed by
5 000 
Add-on for analyzing 404 errors. Collects statistics of transitions to a 404 page, displays it in a convenient list, allows you to set up redirects and import/export data
2 500 
Adds various stock display options to motivate customers
5 000