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Addon for payment systems of Uzbekistan HUMO and UZCARD
60 000 
Flexible integration with the book marketplace. Create your own bookstore..
23 500 
Retains root admin rights for the user
Tracking delivery statuses and automatic change of statuses of shipments and orders
2 500 
Adds a shipping method availability schedule. Allows customers to select a delivery date at checkout.
3 000 
Allows you to add a payment method using the universal payment acceptance system in Uzbekistan
12 000  8 000 
Allows you to sort products in a category according to the selected feature or article. Facilitates the search for the desired product and makes shopping more convenient for customers.
1 500 
Displays data on all loan offers and installments in one list on the storefront. This allows you to quickly determine the most favorable conditions.
3 700 
The module adds a maximum time limit for data transfer from 1C and MoySklad.
15 000 
The add-on controls the visibility of product information, filters, balances. Allows to show it only for certain groups of users. Adds a customizable tab for the manager on the product card.
3 220 
Allows you to compare seller prices for common products
7 500 
Allows you to select a pickup point where you can receive the goods after they have been moved. Splits the order.
12 500 
Allows you to place an order on credit or in installments through Tinkoff
5 250 
The module transmits roistat_visit to My Store ( Developed by
3 990 
Informs your customers about urgent events, non-working days, promotions and more through a convenient and stylish information panel that sticks to the top border of the screen.
2 500 
Allows you to flexibly configure and automatically fill in the details of the buyer using the DaData service for invoicing. Adds the ability to create forms for registering a vendor or a buyer with details fields from the module settings
5 500