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Модуль добавляет список доставки в стандартное отображение карточки товара в uni_theme. Разработано в
5 000 
The add-on allows you to import Tilda pages or blocks into the CS-Cart platform
1 000 
The module adds a block with icons of payment systems. And displays them automatically.
Increases customer confidence by showing the number of sales and the percentage of returns (defective) in the product card.
5 500  4 500 
Turn off the visibility of a product without an image

Adds a new language variable for shipping methods

The module displays features in categories. Develop by
5 000 
The module allows you to choose different display options. Makes them much more convenient.
4 200 
The module creates characteristics from the options. On which you can make a filter.
4 000 
Allows you to order goods that are not in stock in your warehouse, but are available from your suppliers
3 550 
The module displays the balance of goods inside the order. The manager always knows the exact balances of the ordered goods.
1 500 
Import and export prices for multiple showcase.
3 500