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Adds a new block displaying categories on the main page. Useful for clients for quick navigation.

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CS-Cart Categories

For ease of control and display, the items in CS-Cart are grouped into categories (product groups). The category system allows you to organize a catalog in the form of a tree with many branches, so that customers can find the right product. A category can have any number of nested subcategories.

Add-on “Categories on the home page”

Often, for the convenience of navigation on the site or in order to attract the attention of visitors, it is necessary to bring to the main category of goods (sometimes with subcategories). Module Categories on the home page adds block MS Categories , block, which displays the information in the right place on any page in a neat form. It also displays images for categories and allows you to show subcategories as a partially collapsed list (the number of displays before the expand button is adjusted).

Default category block view:

View of category block with small additions in design styles:

Features of add-on

  • Simple installation and initial setup
  • Neat output in the block.
  • The output of category icons.
  • The output subcategories as a partially collapsed list.



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After downloading the module, it is installed by standard CS-Cart tools on the Administrator Panel page → Add-ons→ Manage add-ons → Upload & Install add-on (+).


The module does not require pre-configuration, is ready to work immediately after installation. In the settings, you can specify the number of subcategories that will be displayed before the expand (button button More +).

Working with functionality

The adding a block to a page

Go to Admin PanelDesignLayoutsLayouts to add a block to the home page.

There choose the desired page for example Home page. 

Then at the desired location click Add grid or Block (+) Add Block.

If the block is not already created, click Create New Block and select MS: Categories for the home page.

Enter a block name (for example, MS Categories) and click Create.

Block Setup Options. Standard for CS-Cart.

If an icon is attached to a category, it is displayed in the block. The finished block on the page looks like this:


v1.1.0 from 31.08.2021

[+] Display in 3 columns for mobile version
[*] Code refactoring

v1.0.4 from 18.03.2021

[*] Language variables was changed


  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • English
  • Русский


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