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Automation of product sales on Wildberries
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Online store owners have to deal with the time-consuming and routine process of uploading products to Wildberries. They have to manually match categories, characteristics, manage pricing, warehouses, and upload images. This process requires constant care and attention to avoid errors in the data.

All these problems significantly slow down the process of loading goods and can lead to errors that affect the relevance of data and the quality of product presentation on the marketplace.

Using our Wildberries Integration add-on , the process becomes much simpler and more efficient. Store owners can easily set up field synchronization between CS-Cart and Wildberries, avoiding the need for manual matching.

With one click, products that are already present in CS-Cart can be sent to Wildberries with customized characteristics, price and image. This significantly reduces time and labor costs, reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures fast and accurate integration with the marketplace.


  • Communication via API for reliable data transmission;
  • Loading categories from Wildberries for easy matching with categories in CS-Cart;
  • Display of characteristics in CS-Cart according to the unique characteristics of each category on Wildberries;
  • Designation of required fields of characteristics in accordance with the requirements of Wildberries;
  • Settings for flexible management of prices, surcharges and taxes;
  • Setting up default warehouses;
  • Uploading images;
  • Notifications about the status of unloading.
  • Store Builder
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • Owners
  • Backend
  • English
  • Русский
Compatible versions:
  • 4.17.X


After downloading the add-on, its installation is performed using standard CS-Cart tools on the page Admin Panel → Add-ons→ Add-ons Management → Download and install the add-on (+).

For CS-Cart version 4.13.1 and higher, the Admin Panel → Add-ons→ Downloaded add-ons → Gear button → Manual installation.



General synchronization settings

To access the synchronization settings, after installing the add-on, open the Administration → Sync data → MS: Integration with Wildberries section.


The General tab contains the basic synchronization settings;

  • API-key (token):
    • In this field, you must enter the token created in the Wildberries personal account


      The token in the Wildberries personal account is created in the Settings → Access to API → section Create a new token

    • Fill in the Token Name field;
    • Mark the categories Content, Marketplace, Prices and discounts;
  • Click Create Token.
  • The created token must be inserted into the API key (token) field in the synchronization settings;
  • Click Save.
  • Upload only new ones to WB
    • If this checkbox is checked, when changing and saving the product in CS-Cart, the availability of this product in Wildberries will be checked, if this product already exists, then there will be no re-loading or updating.

  • Display notifications about the upload status
    • If this checkbox is checked, notifications about the unloading status will be displayed when the product is unloaded in Wildberries.

  • The password for cron and the command for cron
    • Using the Task scheduler command will allow you to automatically update prices and product balances in Wildberries, for products that have the Upload to WB checkbox marked.

    The Categories tab contains the settings for mapping CS-Cart and Wildberries categories;

    1. Click Update Categories;
      1. Image
    2. Select the category or subcategory in which the products are located, which you want to match with the Wildberries category;
      1. Image
    3. Next to the selected CS-Cart category, select the required category from the list of child categories of Wildberries;
      1. Image
    4. Click Save after matching the categories.

    The Characteristics tab contains the settings for comparing the characteristics of CS-Cart and Wildberries products;

    • Barcode;
      • In this field, you can match the Wildberries barcode with the CS-Cart characteristic

          If this field is left empty, the barcode will be generated automatically by the Wildberries system when the product is unloaded into Wildberries.

    • Product dimensions (LxWxH);
      • In this field, you can compare the Dimensions of the Wildberries product with the characteristics of CS-Cart

          If this field is left empty, the dimensions from the Delivery Parameters tab in the CS-Cart product card will be used during unloading.

    • Millimeters in a given unit of dimensions;
      • This field is relevant if the dimensions in CS-Cart are not measured in cm. If the dimensions are measured in mm, then enter “1” in this field, in this case, the conversion will occur in cm since Wildberries keeps records of the dimensions in cm.

    • Weight with packaging;
      • In this field, you can compare the Weight of the Wildberries product with the CS-Cart characteristic

          If this field is left empty, the weight from the Shipping Parameters tab in the CS-Cart product card will be used during unloading.

    • Grams in a given unit of weight;
      • This field is relevant if the weight in CS-Cart is not measured in kg. If ve is measured in gy, then enter “1” in this field, in this case the conversion in kg will occur since Wildberries keeps records of the dimensions in kg.

    • Update the specifications;
      • This button should be activated if new comparisons have been made in the Categories tab and updated data needs to be uploaded for further comparison of characteristics on the Wildberries platform.

    • The table below shows the characteristics of Wildberries on the left, and a list of CS-Cart characteristics with which comparisons can be made on the right.
      • Image

    The Pricing tab contains the price and tax settings for matching with Wildberries;

    • Use the price for a group of users;
      • This function allows you to choose which prices from the CS-Cart system to use when unloading goods to Wildberries

    • Allowance;
      • This function allows you to enter a percentage value that will be applied as a surcharge to the prices of goods when they are uploaded to the Wildberries platform.

    • Taxes.
      • This function allows you to select the VAT rate when unloading goods in Wildberries.

    In the Warehouses tab, you can configure the default warehouse selection;


      This function allows you to select a specific warehouse of the seller, which will be used to transmit information about the balances during the data unloading operation.

    In the Images tab, you can adjust the image sizes to meet the minimum requirements of Wildberries.


      If the image in the CS-Cart card does not match the specified parameters, the image conversion will be performed automatically.

    Local product settings

    Go to the section Products → Products → Open the product for customization → Go to the Add-ons tab → Find the MS: Integration with Wildberries block.

    • Upload to WB;
      • If this checkbox is checked, then when saving the product in CS-Cart, the product will be unloaded and updated in Wildberries

          If the Upload only new ones to WB checkbox is selected in the synchronization settings, then the checkbox in the local product settings will be ignored.

    • Update the product in WB.
      • When this button is pressed, the product is forcibly unloaded and updated in Wildberries.

          The Upload to WB checkboxes are ignored and only new ones are uploaded to WB.

    Mass editing

    Through updating products in CS-Cart:

    1. Open the Products → Products;
    2. Select the necessary products;
    3. Click Edit Selected;
      1. Image
    4. Select a field to edit;
      1. Image
    5. Click Edit Selected;
    6. Enter new values for the selected field; The value to Upload to WB Y - Yes N - No
      1. Image
    7. Click Save.

    Through the export and import of goods:

    1. Open the Administration → Export Data → Products section;
    2. Move from the list of available fields to the exported fields to Upload to WB. This field will be displayed in the table file for editing;
      1. Image
    3. Click Export;
    4. Make the necessary changes in the table file and save;
    5. Open the Administration → Data Import → Products section;
    6. Press the + button;
    7. Select a table file;
    8. Go to the next step Matching fields;
    9. Match the fields as shown below:
      1. Image
    10. Click Import.

    v1.7.0 from 12.01.2024

    [+] Error log when creating/editing the product

    [+] Displays the date of the last update and the number of uploaded prices and cron balances

    v1.6.0 from 11.01.2024

    [+] Adapting the add-on to the new version of the WB API

    v1.5.1 from 09.01.2024

    [!] HTML conversion of the space character led to the deletion of the character, fixed

    v1.5.0 from 09.01.2024

    [+] Converting HTML entities into symbols in the product description

    v1.4.0 from 09.01.2024

    [+] The ability to specify the size of the image to upload to WB

    v1.3.1 from 12/25/2023

    [+] For floating-point dimensions, rounding up occurs

    [!] The weight was incorrectly transmitted when converting to a fractional value, fixed

    v1.3.0 from 12/21/2023

    [+] Unloading dimensions and weights in the specified units of measurement of WB characteristics

    v1.2.1 from 12/20/2023

    [!] During mass editing of goods, unloading in the WB did not take place, fixed

    v1.2.0 from 07.12.2023

    [+] Cron has been added to upload prices and balances to WB if the "Upload to WB" option is set for the product

    [+] Added separate settings for unloading sizes and weights in WB

    [+] Added a tab for selecting a warehouse from the WB, and then unloading the leftovers

    [!] Unloading the product via the "Update product in WB" button affected the setting "Upload only new ones to WB", fixed

    [*] The logic of updating categories and characteristics from the WB has been changed

    [+] If the previously selected category or characteristic is missing, a warning is displayed

    [!] The ajax update was removed when switching to the same Categories or Characteristics tab earlier

    [*] In the Characteristics tab, some selection of characteristics is excluded, because they are filled in by default

    [*] The characteristic "Weight" has been renamed to "Weight with packaging"

    v1.1.0 from 11/30/2023

    [+] Added the method of unloading the price when updating the product in WB

    [!] In the Categories tab, you cannot expand subcategories and make comparisons, fixed

    v1.0.0 from 11/29/2023

    [+] First edition


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