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The add-on replaces the standard price filter with several checkboxes with price ranges from and to.
2 390 
The add-on allows you to issue invoices to buyers. Payment of invoices is made using a special group of products that are available only to specified buyers. The invoice is considered paid when the buyer makes and pays for the order.
2 500 
5 000 
Allows you to filter by colors. Developed by CS-Coding
5 016 
The module adds the ability on the category page to edit the list of products.
2 390 
Allows you to compare seller prices for common products
7 500 
The module transmits roistat_visit to My Store (moysklad.ru). Developed by MakeShop.pro
3 990 
Displays the wholesale price depending on the user's rights
1 000 
The module allows you to add user profile using forms. Developed by MakeShop.pro
5 000 
Adds various stock display options to motivate customers
5 000 
Модуль добавляет список доставки в стандартное отображение карточки товара в uni_theme. Разработано в MakeShop.pro
5 000 
The module displays features in categories. Develop by MakeShop.pro
5 000 
The module allows you to choose different display options. Makes them much more convenient.
4 200 
The module creates characteristics from the options. On which you can make a filter.
4 000