Extended integration with retailCRM

Full, two-way integration with retailCRM.
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RetailCRM is an eCommerce and retail solution that helps you manage orders, customers and all communications in a single window. The system automates business processes, allows you to launch a built-in Loyalty Program and engage in CRM marketing in order to retain and return customers. Delivery services, telephony, payment systems, instant messengers, marketplaces, and more - there are more than 100 ready-made add-ons for integration with third-party services.

Add-on Advanced integration with retailCRM

Our add-on serves for full-fledged, two-way integration with RetailCRM, allowing you to exchange information about orders, customers, and flexibly configure the correspondence between CS-Cart and RetailCRM information. For such a setting, the add-on sets the mutual correspondence of the statuses of orders and payments, delivery and payment methods. Additionally, it is possible to synchronize Callbacks and Orders in one click. The synchronization of buyer profile fields is also fully configurable.

Add-on features

  • Easy installation.
  • Full two-way synchronization of CS-Cart and RetailCRM.
  • A fully customizable system for matching reference values from two systems (order status values, payment methods, customer profile fields, delivery methods).
  • Automatic synchronization of changes.
  • It is possible to modify according to the needs of the customer.
  • Store Builder
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Owners
  • Backend
  • English
  • Русский
Compatible versions:
  • 4.17.X
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.15.X


After downloading the add-on, it is installed using standard CS-Cart tools on the page Admin panel → Add-ons → Manage add-ons → Download and install add-on (+).

For CS-Cart version older than 4.13.1 Admin panel → Add-ons → Manage add-ons → Gear button → Manual installation


Click Download, in the window that appears, select the add-on file, then Download and install.


The initial setup is carried out on the General settings tab, where you need to enter the RetailCRM account URL and api key.


By default, the add-on is in the Disabled status, it is recommended to configure it before enabling it.


After connecting, you need to select a store and warehouses in RetailCRM and specify the currency of the store in RetailCRM


Additional setting

Description of settings:

On the Directories tab, you need to mutually compare order statuses, delivery methods, payment methods between Cs-Cart and RetailCRM. It also indicates the dependence of the payment status in retailCRM on the status of the order in CS-Cart.


The User Fields tab maps buyer profile fields


On the Orders tab, synchronization is configured in detail: import of new orders from retailCRM, import / export of order changes, export of callbacks, one-click orders, etc. are disabled.


You need to create a YML file (for example, using the standard Export to Yandex.Market add-on) to import products from CS-Cart to RetailCRM. To do this, go to Administration → Export to Yandex.Market → Price list.


Click the Create a new price list button in the form of a plus.


Set the necessary values Access keyPrice list nameStore name and check the box Price list for RetailCRM.


The access key is located in RetailCRM Settings - Integration - API Access Keys


After that, click Create, additional export settings will appear (you can leave the default) and links for generating and downloading the file, as well as a cron - command for automatically updating the file.


And from the RetailCRM side, on the Settings tab Stores [Select the desired store]  Catalog select Download from ICML and specify the address of the generated YML file in the ICML file URL field.


Important:For end-to-end synchronization of MySklad - RetailCRM - CS-Cart, you need to add an external_id for the product to the yml-file. You can do this using our add-on fixes integration add-on.


Apply 7 (Adding retailcrm xmlid changes to gatherAdditional) and 8 (Adding retailcrm xmlid changes to getRetailCrmOfferAttributes) fix:


After that, for the products you need to specify the external_id value:


After that, be sure to regenerate the import file and the external_id value will appear there in the .... field.

To automatically synchronize order/status changes from RetailCRM to CS-Cart, you need to register the cron command php /path/to/admin.php --dispatch=trigger.retailcrm_import, on the CS-Cart server

After configuring synchronization, change the status of the module to Enabled.

Important: When you enable/disable and update the module, the start points for orders and pending purchases are updated. This is done for those cases when the module is disabled for a long time, so that old orders are not unloaded and old changes from the history are not synchronized.


[+] Synchronization of client merging

[+] Setting symbolic designation of orders in 1 click

[!] Fix settings in multivendor

[!] Fix clients "Without full name"


[*] Changed language variables


[+] Added the ability to export a discount coupon

[!] Fixed error of interaction with the "Callback" add-on

[!] Fixed language file (en)


[*] Fixed a bug in multivendor settings templates


[+] Removing items from the cart with a canceled status

[+] Added logging function


[+] Multistore support


[+] Unloading unfinished purchases of unregistered users with contact details


[+] Ability to disable showcases


[+] Starting point for unloading unfinished purchases

[*] Bugs fixed


[+] Export of unfinished purchases + settings

[+] Weight calculation

[+] Accounting for the amount of gift certificates and discount coupons

[!] Fixed calculation and synchronization of discounts

[+] Ability to disable the import of new orders from retailCRM

[+] Performing actions when updating a add-onin developer mode


[*] Added callback and one-click purchase settings

[*] Added the ability to add a delivery address, a CDEK branch to the customer's comment

[*] Added the ability to add items in the cart to the customer's comment when buying in one click

[*] Added the ability to delete the email field for the specified domains

[*] Added the ability to specify the order URL from the admin panel

[*] Added the ability to write full name in the "name" field

[*] Added option to disable the add-on (to display settings in disabled mode)

[!] Fixed bug with assigning retailCRM client ID


[!] Fixed error when creating an order in one click


[+] Price list structure according to retailCRM documentation

[+] Option "price list for retailCRM" in price list editing

[+] Options to enable/disable import/export

[*]Improved discount calculation

[!] Minor fixes


[+] First release


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