Delivery depending on the location of the goods

Allows you to limit the delivery based on the availability of goods in certain warehouses
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Latest module version 1.2.0 Updated: 01.11.2023
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The add-on allows you to hide or display delivery based on the availability of goods at a particular warehouse.

For example you have two warehouses in different cities - Moscow and Krasnodar.


And if the product is bought in Krasnodar then the delivery in Moscow will be hidden


Features of the add-on:

  • It hides delivery methods from the warehouse that are not related to the buyer's city
  • Store Builder
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • Owners
  • Vendors
  • Frontend
  • English
  • Русский
Compatible versions:
  • 4.17.X
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.15.X
  • 4.14.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.12.X

Add-on settings

The add-on has no settings but for it to work you need to do some preparatory work. It is necessary to create the necessary delivery methods, order pickup points and tariff zones.

Go to Administration → Delivery and taxes → Tariff zones.

Create a tariff zone for the desired city


Next create a new shipping method in Administration → Shipping and taxes → Shipping methods


and specify the previously created tariff zone in the tab Cost and delivery time


Then in Administration → Pickup Points we create a new Pickup Point (or assign the desired rate zone to the existing one on the Settings tab)


After that, on the Count tab set the availability of the goods at this pickup point


And now, if the buyer specifies one of the cities with linked delivery to the field Delivery to will automatically add only shipping method tied to the city, and the rest will be hidden.


v1.0.1 as of 31.08.2022

[*] Add-on code standardization

v1.0.0 as of 18.01.2022

[+] First release


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