Credit aggregator

Displays data on all loan offers and installments in one list on the storefront. This allows you to quickly determine the most favorable conditions.
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Credit Aggregator Add-on

The add-on shows various offers for paying on credit or by installments collected together in the product card. The offers are displayed in one tab Buy on credit. This allows you to quickly and conveniently compare them. And using the Buy button you can go straight to ordering with the selected method of payment on credit!

Features of the add-on

  • It displays different offers for a product with multiple sellers on one tab.


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After installing the add-on you need to create payment methods for credit or installments and add them to the aggregator (or add existing ones).

To do this in the payment methods settings

It is necessary to turn on the checkbox Show in aggregator, select the type (installment or credit), specify the term of payment:

The settings of the add-on include grouping by payout type and payout period:

Enable filter by loan type - adds grouping by loan type: loan or installment

Enable filter by loan maturity - adds grouping by maturity

If you disable both checkboxes filters will not be shown and payment methods will be shown in one list.

Also the add-on allows you to display credit offers for the purchase of goods for different sellers:


v1.2.3 01.06.2022
[*] Standardization of add-on code

v1.2.1 31.03.2022
[*] Changed style file
[!] Fixed notification

v1.2.0 25.02.2022
[+] Added credit offer interface
[+] Implemented filtering by term and type of credit
[+] Added English language

v1.1.0 18.02.2022
[+] Added settings in the payment methods
[+] Added add-on settings

v1.0.0 17.02.2022
[+] First Edition