Adds fields with the details of sellers and buyers with the ability to autocomplete and issues invoices for payment taking into account this data. Integrated with
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The Billing module

The Billing module allows you to automatically generate an invoice based on a collected order. After placing an order, the invoice can be sent by mail. The fields for the account are flexibly configured, and for repeat orders, the data is substituted from the buyer's profile or from the browser session data. Thanks to integration with, when specifying the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), it can get all the other data and substitute them in the invoice. For users (including unregistered) after placing an order, it is possible to download the invoice in pdf format.

Module Features

  • Generates an invoice for an order
  • Integration with DaData
  • The invoice can be automatically sent to the mail or generated in pdf
  • Custom fields


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General tab

To automatically fill in the fields, you need to enable integration with, for this we specify the API key.

Enable fields with details on the checkout page - Show fields on the checkout form.

Enable fields with customer details - enable if we want to collect and use customer details.

IMPORTANT: If you enable fields with details, then the TIN field will be mandatory for the buyer!

Tab Bill

Send invoice by mail - enable automatic sending of an invoice to the buyer's mail after placing an order.

Show Invoice Buttons on Thank You for Order Page - Shows buttons that allow you to download or print an invoice on the page that is shown after a successful order.

Show Invoice Buttons on Order Details Page - Shows buttons that allow you to download or print an invoice on the order details page.

Legal entitytab, Вкладка Sole Trader tab, individual tab

Here you can configure the fields that will be displayed and filled for the corresponding types of buyers.

Possible values:

Enable- use the field to fill in the details.

Show on registration - show the field in the registration form for the user.

Show at checkout - show the field in the checkout form (including for unregistered users).

Display in invoice - display the field in the invoice.

Mandatory- if enabled, it will not be possible to complete registration or ordering without filling in this field.

Next, you need to add a payment method:

Select ms_invoicing.tpl template and MS processor MS: Invoice:

on the Settings tab fill in the details of your company

Also on this tab, you can add a print image that will be inserted into the invoice:

The invoice can be viewed/printed/downloaded after placing an order

and on the order details page

Information about the buyer is filled either during registration, or (for unregistered users), when placing an order. You can edit it in the buyer's profile, on the tab Add-on :


v4.2.0  from 12.01.2021

[+] Added the ability to autocomplete the company field from the API

v4.1.0  from 08.09.2021

[+] Added information about individual details in the administrative part of the site.
[!] Fixed data initialization error if another payment method was selected when loading the checkout page
[!] Fixed styles of the restoring window on the checkout page

v4.0.4 from 28.08.2021

[+] Added payment options for placing a stamp on the invoice
[!] Fixed error displaying print on an invoice in CS-Cart

v4.0.3 from 26.08.2021

[!] Fixed error when editing an order

v4.0.2 from 25.08.2021

[+] Support for CS-Cart 4.13.2+

v4.0.1 от 24.08.2021

[!] Fixed error displaying fields with date type
[!] Fixed error related to saving speed for payment settings.

v4.0.0 from 23.08.2021

[+] The add-on is adapted for CS-Cart, and not only for Multi Vendor
[+] Form to fill out on the checkout page and related settings
[+] setting that allows you to hide the data output in the invoice
[+] Account buttons on the thank you for the order page
[+] Score buttons display settings
[+] Returned the full name fields for Sole Proprietor and individuals
[*] The article of the module has been changed
[*] Changed some language variables
[!] Fixed fields with date type
[!] Fixed an error when the counter buttons were displayed for another payment in the order details
[!] Fixed display of required fields after changing photo type.

v3.1.1 from 04.08.2021

[-] Removed the full name fields for Sole Proprietor and individuals
[!] Fixed display of required fields after changing photo type.

v3.1.0 from 03.08.2021

[+] Added full name fields for Sole Proprietor
[+] Added a number of fields for individuals
[!] Fixed styles for date type fields

v3.0.0 from 01.07.2021

[+] New type of persons: individuals
[+] customization of displayed fields
[+] setting to enable/disable fields with details for the buyer
[+] En infection

v2.0.0 from 24.04.2021

[+] Added a payment method that will issue an invoice using the data collected by the module
[*] The article of the module has been changed


[+] First release.


  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • English
  • Русский