Tinkoff crediting

Allows you to place an order on credit or in installments through Tinkoff
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Latest module version 1.0.5 Updated: 26.12.2022
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Now it's hard to imagine that a product in a store can't be bought on credit. But applying for credit in online stores is associated with certain inconveniences (waiting for approval of the application for credit, other difficulties with registration). Together with Tinkoff we have tried to simplify this process as much as possible!

Tinkoff credit add-on

Our add-on allows you to quickly and easily apply for a loan or installment right during checkout! Everything happens online. Approval of the loan and payment of the order will not keep you waiting long. To apply you need to go to the site (the transition is automatic), go through a few steps and wait for an answer from the bank - if the application is approved then the order will already be paid.

Features of the add-on

  • Information on the order is transferred to the bank (including shipping costs)
  • Loan processing is done automatically online
  • Store Builder
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • Buyers
  • Owners
  • Vendors
  • Frontend
  • English
  • Русский
Compatible versions:
  • 4.17.X
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.15.X
  • 4.14.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.12.X


After installing the module in the settings it is necessary to put order status and their dependence on the status of the application (the status of the application is on the left , the status of the order which will be given when changing the status of the application bank is on the right).


You can also enable test mode to test performance


Then you need to add the payment method


You need to specify the name of the payment method and choose MS processor: Tinkoff crediting


and fill in the fields in the Configure tab (their values can be taken from your personal cabinet)


v1.0.1 from 14.02.2022

[+] Changes in the structure of add-on

v1.0.0 from 14.02.2022

[+] First edition


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