Shipping Tracking

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Tracking delivery statuses and automatic change of statuses of shipments and orders
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The add-on will help you automate processes in your store, you will no longer have to track delivery statuses and change order statuses manually. Customize the add-on and free up your manager's time for more useful tasks.

Thanks to integration with the aggregator of delivery services, the add-on receives up-to-date information about the order delivery status and if the order is delivered, it automatically switches the order shipment statuses. Also changes the status of the order itself if all shipments have been delivered!

The add-on integrates with delivery services:

  • Boxberry
  • SDEK
  • Russian Post.

API key is required for tracking.


Add-on features:

  • Order tracking by number;
  • Ability to track an order both on the order page and on the shipment page;
  • Automatic change of shipment status if the order has been delivered;
  • Automatic change of order status if all shipments have been delivered;
  • Ability to block the field with tracking number on the site admin panel and seller admin panel page;
  • Automatic status update by Cron and when going to the orders page.

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Add-on installation

After downloading the add-on, it can be installed using the standard CS-Cart tools on the page Admin Panel → Add-ons → Manage Add-ons → Upload and Install Add-on (+).

For CS-Cart version 4.13.1 or later, go to Admin Panel → Add-ons → Manage Add-ons → Gear Icon → Manual installation.


Add-on configuration

The add-on settings include the following parameters:

  1. Field for entering the API key from the service;
  2. Lock field with tracking number - when this function is selected, the order tracking field accepts only the track number of this order, so your managers and sellers will not be able to track third-party orders;
  3. Shipment completion status - the add-on will change the status of the shipment to the selected status after the shipment is delivered;
  4. Order status when all shipments have the completion status - the add-on will change the order status to the selected status after all shipments have the completion status. If you do not want to change the order status automatically, select "do not change";
  5. Password for Cron.

Shipping tracking

Through Admin Panel → Orders → All Orders, open the details page of the required order. In the Shipping Information section (1), enter the tracking number, select the courier service, and save the order. After saving, a field with the tracking number and package tracking information will be displayed in the MS: Shipping Tracking.


Also, the status of the order can be viewed on the delivery details page Admin Panel → Orders → Shipments → Shipment ID


If any data is incorrect, the add-on will notify about it:


v1.3.1 from 24.08.2023

[*] Add-on standardization

v1.3.0 from 11.07.2023

[+] Ability to block the tracking number input field through add-on settings

v1.2.1 from 27.06.2023

[!] Shipment statuses were not being saved in add-on settings, fixed

v1.2.0 from 27.06.2023

[+] Tracking number is displayed in a separate column on the Shipments page

v1.1.0 from 23.06.2023

[+] Licensing and updating of the add-on

v1.0.4 from 18.08.2021

[!] Fixed an error where messages about missing shipments were displayed incorrectly

v1.0.3 from 18.08.2021

[!] Display issue fixed for digital goods

v1.0.2 from 09.08.2021

[!] Display issue fixed when there are no shipments

v1.0.1 from 09.08.2021

[!] Refactoring

v1.0.0 from 05.08.2021

[+] First edition

Compatible versions:
  • 4.17.X
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.15.X
  • 4.14.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.12.X
  • 4.11.X
  • 4.10.X
  • English
  • Русский
You can discuss the module or ask your questions about its operation on the forum.

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