Bilateral exchange with MoySklad

The exchange module between MoySklad and CS-Cart provides fast two-way exchange of orders, products, payment and delivery methods via API
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Latest module version 2.2.1 Updated: 15.05.2024
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MySklad with CS-Cart

MySklad is a convenient service for managing trade, warehouse accounting, and also allows you to work with customers and suppliers, retail sales, manage mutual settlements. When connecting the online store and MySklad, you get a ready-made system for sales.

Add-on Bilateral exchange of orders with MySklad

The Add-on is easy to install and after the initial setup is ready to go. You can also flexibly customize it for a specific store. What is the difference between our аdd-on and the standard integration of MySklad with CS-Cart? The standard CommerceML integration method involves scheduled and/or manual updates and involves the exchange of orders from the store side to the warehouse system. Our exchange аdd-on works by API, it provides instant two-way exchange of information between systems.

Features of the аdd-on

  • Easy installation
  • Ability to adapt to your needs
  • Two-way exchange of order information between MySklad and CS-Cart
  • Instant sending of order information in case of changes
  • Possibility of flexible additional adjustment
  • Store Builder
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • Owners
  • Backend
  • English
  • Русский
Compatible versions:
  • 4.17.X
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.15.X
  • 4.14.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.12.X


After downloading the module, it can be installed using the standard CS-Cart tools on the page Admin panel → Add-ons → Manage add-ons → Upload and install add-on (+).


After installing with the standard tools, it is necessary to perform initial module configuration:


Specify the login and password for the MySklad account.

Set at least two checkboxes "Enable exchange between systems" and "Enable exchange from CS-Cart to MySklad" (by default they are set). Click Save.

To exchange data, it is necessary to install hooks and receive a message that the hooks are installed (they are automatically installed during connection).


Description of settings


Create order statuses - If the order status name is not in the MySklad system, it will be created when the order is imported with the parameters 'name' => STATUS_NAME, 'color' => 69446, 'stateType' => 'Regular'.

Create new product - When the hook is triggered in CS-Cart "update_product_post" with the parameter $create = true, the procedure for creating a product in MySklad "create_product" will be called with the following field mapping (left fields from MySklad, right fields from CS-Cart):

Name = Name

Product description = Detailed description

Product code = Product code

Product article = Product code

externalCode = will be assigned from the CommerceML module or if not set then product_id

Sales price = Price

Update product - Update product in MySklad if it has been updated in CS-Cart.

Field mapping is similar to Create new product.

Enable logging to files - enables logging to the module root folder (/app/addons/ms_moysklad/logs) and module classes (/app/addons/ms_moysklad/Tygh/Addons/MsMoySklad/logs). It writes a lot and in detail. Different files are written for different entities.

Enable exchange only for the current day - exchange only for the current day (time according to Greenwich Mean Time).

Do not update orders - orders will not be updated in MySklad when updated on the website. This setting does not affect the "Create order when updated" setting.

Create order when updated - the module will attempt to create an order when it is updated if it is not in MySklad.

Do not update custom fields - when updating an order, no additional/custom fields will be updated.

Export product images to MySklad - Export occurs when creating or editing a product. All images for this product are exported. If an image is already present in MySklad, it will not be exported again. If there are images in MySklad that are not in CS-Cart, they will be deleted, the check is performed by the image file name.

Delay in seconds for API request to MySklad after hooks - causes a delay in seconds before executing API requests related to orders.

Default warehouse - after synchronizing with MySklad, all its warehouses will be loaded here. You can choose only one warehouse for exchange. It will appear in the corresponding field of the MySklad order.

Default organization - MySklad organization that will be assigned by default when creating an order.

Important points:

  1. When creating additional fields for orders in MySklad, the fields will automatically appear in the module settings and you will need to assign values from the CS-Cart order table to them.
  2. In MySklad there should be a service 'Delivery' with external code: ORDER_DELIVERY. If it is not saved when saving the order, it will be created automatically.
  3. For correct transmission of additional delivery and payment fields, their names in MySklad must be identical: Delivery typeDelivery addressPayment method4. After point 3, in the module settings in the section "Additional fields in orders" these fields will appear and you will need to select the following values for them from the list: **Delivery type -> 'shipping ids'Delivery address -> 's_address'Payment method -> 'payment_id'**5. When using CommerceML, it is necessary to prevent the triggering of the ms_moysklad module, otherwise duplication of products may occur. There are 2 ways to do this: Method 1. Apply fix No. 41 in the 'ms_addon_fixer' module. It will do everything automatically. Method 2. Manually add the following lines to "app/addons/rus_exim_1c/controllers/frontend/exim_1c.php" at the beginning of the php code, i.e. after

v1.4.9 from 23.03.2021

[+] Adding English in message modules.

v1.4.8 from 02.03.2021

[!] Bug fix.

v1.4.5 from 02.03.2021

[+] Adding English.

[!] Bug fix.

v1.4.3 from 15.02.2021

[*] Adding functionality.

v1.4.0 from 04.02.2021

[*] Updates and improvements.

v1.4.0 from 25.01.2021

[+] Creation of external_id when creating a product by the module in MoySklad.

[+] Added a table to save the settings of the default warehouse and organization.

[!] Fixed missing value error.

[+] Added selection of default organization.

v1.3.8 from 15.12.202

[!] Bug fixes.

v1.3.7 from 15.12.2020

[!] Bug fix when updating products

v1.3.6  from 11.12.2020

[!] Correction of an error with the status of the order "Incomplete".

[+] Disable order numbering by CS-Cart.

[+] Disabling updates additional fields.

v1.3.5 from 09.12.2020

[!] Custom directories.

v1.3.0 from 26.11.2020

[*] Add custom entity.

[*] Add order_id in comments orders.

v1.2.5 from 20.10.2020

[+] Add setting "Not update orders".

v1.2.4 from 14.10.2020

[+] Add priority.

v1.2.3 from 14.10.2020

[+] Add Sleep API MoySklad.

v1.2.2 from 06.10.2020

[!] Bug fixes.

v1.2.1 from 01.10.2020

[!] Bug fix.

v1.2.0 from 30.09.2020

[+] additional fields

[+] add and fix tax

[+] add and fix promoutions

[+] added legal persons

v1.0.0 from 15.03.2020

[+] First edition.


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