Info panel

The module allows you to display various information above the top menu of the site.

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The module allows you to add and display various information at the very top of the site in the form of an information panel. Information panel can be displayed on schedule, as well as fine-tune its design, in accordance with the style of your site. Also, the user can optionally close the message at any convenient time.

Why do I need a module:

You want to show the site visitors additional information, such as the schedule of the site, on holidays or promotions.
You do not want to constantly spend money on services of designers and programmers.

Module features:

  • Display messages on schedule;
  • Fine-tuning the design of the information panel;
  • Unlimited text;
  • Insert images, videos, tables and html code.
  • custom design
  • fine adjustment of the display time
  • client's ability to close the panel.



The module is installed using standard CS-Cart tools
Modules - Manage Modules - Download and Install Module

The module is launched and set up in the Marketing - Dashboard tab.

To start you need to specify:

  • Background color - will change the background color of the information panel;
  • Available from - indicates the launch date of the panel;
  • Available to - indicates the date when the panel will no longer appear on the site;
  • Panel text is a text field with the ability to format text.

After you have configured and entered the necessary text, you need to click on the Save button.

Fine! The information panel is displayed at the very top of the site.



version 1.1.5
[*] Description field changed type from varchar to text
version 1.1.4
[*] Changed the description and translation


  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • English
  • Русский
  • AB Unitheme
  • Responsive Theme
  • AB YOUPITheme
  • Bright Theme
Version compatibility:
  • 4.7.X
  • 4.8.X
  • 4.9.X


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