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Integrated with the Black List service from CheckClient.ru. It also displays a summary of the number of customer orders in the store order details
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What tasks the module solves?

"Blacklist" allows the seller to collect the most complete information about the buyer, and determine the degree of trust in it. Having such data, the owner of the online store can set a certain payment format for the customer (full prepayment, or partial). This method allows you to protect business from financial losses associated with transportation costs for the delivery of goods and their return.

The Black List service

The Black List service from CheckClient.ru allows you to evaluate the buyer. If the buyer does not redeem orders, he should offer a full or partial prepayment. This will save money on shipping to the buyer and from him. The service analyzes the history of customer orders at different Internet sites and assigns him a certain rating. When generating a rating, the algorithm takes into account a number of parameters: - Categories of goods and stores where the order was made - Last Purchase Waiver Age - Gender, age, region of residence and other buyer options For example, a buyer with one refusal for 50 purchases will have a high rating. The service assigns one of the following ratings to customers: - "You can trust" We analyzed the actions of the buyer, you can trust him. Safely ship the item to the buyer with a superimposed payment - "There is no reason not to trust" We analyzed the buyer's actions and found no reason not to trust him, but you can insure and ask the buyer for an advance payment - "It's better not to trust" We analyzed the buyer's actions. We advise you not to trust him and ship the item only on prepayment - "The number does not exist" This check was free for you because the buyer was wrong or intentionally specified a phone number that does not exist Raise ransom and increase sales by checking customer for just 3 rubles per check.

How to check client reliability

The module for checking the reliability of the client operates on the principle of collecting and analyzing data about the buyer from various online sites. The following parameters are captured:

● the name of the Internet resource on which the order was made;

● The name of the goods and their category;

● The number of waivers and how long the latter has been completed;

● sex, age and region of residence of the buyer, etc.

After analyzing the received information, the service determines the reliability of the customer by ranking, and assigns him one of four ratings:

1. "You can trust" - the buyer has a good order history.

2. "There is no reason not to trust" - in general, the story is good, but for insurance it is advisable to request advance payment.

3. "It is better not to trust" - to send the goods to the customer only on prepayment.

4. "The number does not exist" - the customer specified a non-existent number. The algorithm of the Customer Reliability module not only simplifies the work of collecting information about customers, but also allows you to identify unscrupulous customers in time.


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After downloading the module, it is installed by standard CS-Cart tools on the page Administrator Panel → Modules → Module Management → Download and install the module (+).


If integration with the СheckClient service is not planned, then the module configuration is completed.

Setting integration with checkclient.ru

To obtain customer information from the СheckClient, service, the following fields must be filled in the module settings:

  • The checkbox for activating the connection with theСheckClient - must set to connect to the server.
  • Code of partner - comes to SMS at registration on the service checkclient.ru.
  • Request signature - comes to SMS when registering on the service checkclient.ru.

After completing the fields, click Save.

If the connection is established, the signature will appear Connection Status: Successfully Connected to checkclient.ruis displayed, if not - Connection Status: No Connection to checkclient.ru.

Working with functionality

View customer information

You can view the information that the module displays in the widget on the order page. The widget consists of two parts: a customer rating, which is based on the information accumulated by the store for the registered user and the status in the service checkclient.ru.

Types of possible statuses

  1. You can trust - we analyzed the actions of the customer, you can trust him.
  2. Neutral - we analyzed the customer's actions and found no reason not to trust him.
  3. No trust - we analyzed the customer's actions and advise not to trust him and ship the goods only on prepayment.
  4. There is no such phone number - we checked the phone number specified by the customer. This check was free for you because the buyer was wrong or intentionally specified a phone number that does not exist.

After checking the buyer, the result is stored in the store database and will be displayed at subsequent order views.


v1.2.9 from 01.02.2021

[!] fix bug

[*] refactoring of code

v1.2.8 from 18.01.2021

[*] restruct code

[!] fix bug update order page

v1.2.7 from 28.12.2020

[!] Language variables were corrected

v1.2.6 from 19.12.2020

[!] Word error in profile_shipping_address.pre.tpl has been corrected

v1.2.5 from 08.12.2020

[!] fix bug in the language variables file

v1.2.4 from30.06.2020

[!] fix bug

v1.2.3 от 02.06.2020

[+] Module installer was redone

[!] Small bugs was corrected

v1.2.2 from 03.03.2020

[-] Licensing was disabled

v1.2.0 from 25.12.2019

[!] Bugs in the settings have been fixed

v1.2.0 from 25.12.2019

[+] Save last check with date to DB

[+] Added more language variables

v1.1.0 from 23.12.2019

[+] Check unregistered users

[+] English localization

[+] Test connection in module settings

v1.0.0 from 20.12.2019

[+] First Release


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