Phone Authorization

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Allows to authorize by phone with SMS code or password
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The add-on simplifies and accelerates the login process for users on your online store using their phone number. This, in turn, increases conversion rates by attracting new users who don't want to spend time on registration using email or social media.

The add-on has a modern interface and is suitable for UniTheme and Youpi.

Available authentication methods:

  • One-time SMS code
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Password specified during registration
  • Standard email login

Integration with SMS services:

  • TurboSMS
  • TargetSMS
  • OsonSMS
  • SMS Xabar
  • Imobis
  • SMS Center Kazakhstan
  • MTS

Add-on features:

  • Enable/disable email field for registration;
  • Phone verification during payment;
  • Set the number of digits in the confirmation code;
  • Set the minimum interval between SMS for the user;
  • Set the number of attempts to enter the verification code after which a new one must be generated;
  • Password recovery via SMS;
  • Protection against bots.

Advantages of the add-on

  • Speed and convenience for users who don't have to remember additional passwords and logins;
  • More secure authentication, as attackers won't be able to access the account without access to the phone;
  • Reduced probability of spam bot registration;
  • Increased conversion, as it is a convenient way to attract new users who don't want to spend time registering using email or social networks.

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v5.0.6 from 13.09.2023

[+] Code refactoring

[-] Removed empty file app/addons/csc_sms/lib/csc_sms.php

[*] Replaced TMP_EMAIL_VALUE constant with value.

v5.0.5 from 16.08.2023

[+] When Google reCAPTCHA module is enabled and reCAPTCHA is displayed on the authorization page, added possibility to use reCAPTCHA with sending sms to phone number.

[*] Standardization of language variables

[*] Standardization of company icon

[*] Standardization of company name

[+] Added module logo

[*] Changed short tags to regular

v5.0.4 from 15.05.2023

[!] Fixed sending sms from API of target sms service, changed sending code

v5.0.3 from 15.05.2023

[*] Licensing

Compatible versions:
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.15.X
  • 4.14.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.12.X
  • English
  • Русский
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