Extends the functionality of the standard module "SEO" addon
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What is a SEF site? This is a kind of link that hides technical information, showing the address (url) of the page in a human-readable and understandable form. That is, instead of a link like index.php?page=3, the link / bicycle / mountain is displayed.

One of the peculiarities of URLs is that most often they are written in English letters (there is an opportunity to use the Cyrillic alphabet, but for a number of reasons it is rarely used). Accordingly, transliteration is used to write Russian words in CNC, which leads to different spelling options for words. In order to simplify the task of compiling CNC transliteration, we are glad to present you our SEO SEF module!


Despite the fact that CS-Cart already has a standard SEF compilation mechanism with its own transliteration rules, they cannot be changed. In addition, dots and other characters are not taken into account, which can break the URL or reduce the readability, which leads to problems, including with indexing by robots.
It is for these tasks that the SEO SEF module was created. The add-on expands the standard functionality - removes dots, allows you to flexibly configure the rules for replacing letters, works on a schedule (via cron), automatically creates redirects for replaced URLs.

Addon features

  • Replaces periods and other unwanted characters in the URL with hyphens.
  • Possibility to change transliteration rules.
  • Creates redirects after URL conversion.
  • Scheduled work, configurable via Cron.    


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After downloading the add-on, its installation is carried out using standard CS-Cart tools on the page Administrator panel → Add-ons → Manage add-ons → Download and install add-on (+).

For CS-Cart version more than 4.13.1 Admin Panel → Add-ons → Add-on Management → Gear Button → Manual Installation.

Click Local, in the window that appears, select the module file, then Upload & install.


The addon allows you to customize your own rules for transliterating letters:

But this is not necessary, after installation there are default rules that allow the module to start working right away.


v1.3.1 from 02.09.2021

[!] Minor changes in the structure of the module.

 v1.3.0 from 22.06.2021

[*] Changed the name of the menu item to Website -> SEO -> MS: SEO.
[!] Error in language variables.
[!] Taking into account the selected language.
[!] Accounting for the selected storefront.
[!] Accounting for variations.

 v1.2.2 from 15.06.2021

[!] Fixed error converting existing url.
[*] The functionality for converting existing urls has been moved to its controller and moved to a separate menu item Website -> SEO -> Change all links (SEO name).
[*] Refactoring addon code.

 v1.2.1 from 03.06.2021

[+] Added en localization.
[+] Minor changes in the structure of the addon.
[*] Refactoring addon code.

 v1.2.0 from 28.05.2021

[+] Added the ability to convert existing urls.

 v1.1.0 from 25.05.2021

[+] Added all basic symbols.

 v1.0.0 from 19.05.2021

[+] First edition.