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The add-on for the Add to Cart button in Yandex.Turbo
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The Yandex Turbo technology allows you to create light versions of pages that open quickly even with a slow internet connection.

It takes about 15 times less to load such pages than to load the originals. The speed is ensured by the use of layout optimized for mobile as well as by Yandex’s network infrastructure: the data from which Turbo Pages are collected is stored on the company's servers. In Yandex search results, they are marked with special icons with a rocket and give priority to searching using mobile devices. But unfortunately it is not without flaws.

The Remote checkout add-on allows you to connect your store with the Turbo-page service. By default, CS-Cart does not support Turbo pages. The problem is that there is no buy button on the product card pages. What naturally is unacceptable for the operation of an online store. Our Remote checkout add-on corrects this problem and automatically adds a purchase button to all products of your store in a few mouse clicks.

Why do I need a module:

First of all, the module is needed for customers of your store. Using the Yandex.Turbo page service, your customers will spend less time on purchases without downloading extra data to their devices. The speed of loading pages of an online store on a mobile device directly affects the priority of the site in search. The faster the site loads on mobile devices, the higher it will be in the search. And this is a great way to save on SEO promotion.

Add-on features:

  • Integration in a few clicks;
  • Automatic work;
  • Compatible with all versions and themes of CS-Cart;
  • Saves the budget for SEO promotion;
  • Work requires YML file


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The add-ons is installed using standard CS-Cart tools.

Add-ons- Manage add-ons - Upload & install add-ons

After he installs the add-on, he will immediately start working.

To configure the turbo pages on the side of the Yandex.Webmaster service, you need to connect sources. To do this, on the page Add-on - Yandex.Market - Price list and add the price list. When the price list is added, it needs to be generated and opened. Opened to get a link and copy it.

Go to the service Yandex.Webmaster tab Turbo pages - Data Sources.

Link to the source, select YML and paste the previously copied link from our site. Click add. Wait when Yandex checks it is not necessary. Go to the settings of the Turbo Pages tab Turbo Pages - Settings.

We are interested in the tab General Settings - Logo. On it we indicate the short name of the site and the logo. And the second tab Online Store - Checkout.

Put a tick Add to cartURL for adding item choose custom. In the second line insert the link, after changing it:


Click save. We are waiting for Yandex to check the sources and you can start using it.


ms_remote_checkout_v1.0.4 from 03/03/2019

[*] Updated module functionality

ms_remote_checkout_v1.0.3 from 12/03/2018

[!] Fixed bug with php notice

Fixed translation of the Russian language. Added English language.

Version ms_remote_checkout_v1.0.2 of 05/21/2018

[*] Updated module functionality

Version ms_remote_checkout_v1.0.1 from 03/18/2018

[!] Fixed translations

Version ms_remote_checkout_v1.0.0 of 03/10/2018


  • CS-Cart
  • English
  • Русский
Version compatibility:
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.X