Product name from the specification

Composes the name of the product from the selected characteristics

General Information

The name is formed when saving, editing, group editing, and importing via CommerceML.

You can assign a common position to each element of the formed name.


Module Settings


Enable composing product name from characteristics - enables the ability to form a product name from characteristics;

Add SKU to the product name - inserts the product SKU when composing the name;

Use - you need to select the field used as a SKU:

  • Code - the product code from CS-Cart is used;
  • Supplier's SKU - if the Supplier Price Automation module is installed, the SKU received from it can be used.

Position of the SKU - numerical designation of the place of substitution of the SKU in the name;

Skip characteristics used by the variation group - in case the characteristic is used by the variation group, we do not insert them into the name (for example, the Size characteristic)

Settings in Characteristics (Products - Characteristics)

To use a characteristic in the name, you must first check the Use in product name checkbox in the characteristic settings.


If necessary, specify the position, prefix, and postfix that will be added to the characteristic when forming the name.

Important: If a category is specified for the characteristic, it will only be inserted into the product name in that category!


On the previous screen, we configured the characteristic, now let's go to the product and see how it looks after our settings.

Initial product characteristics


Resulting name