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The module allows you to choose different display options. Makes them much more convenient.
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Introducing the new version of the module Beautiful options!

Module Beauty options Pro allows you to change the way the display options for the goods. You can choose from three beautiful types of display options. For example, a block with text is suitable for displaying the size, a colored rectangle is for the color of the option, and a block with an image is a product preview.
All ways to select products are easily customized and are available both in the product catalog and in their cards.
The module also allows you to display options in the form of colored squares in filters.

Why do I need the module:

First of all, the module is needed for customers of your store. It allows you to buy products directly from the catalog, thereby increasing the conversion. Your customers will spend less time on purchases without performing unnecessary actions.

The module allows you to diversify the site interface and visually display additional various product options for ease of selection.

Your client has the opportunity to see with which options the goods are in stock, and with which not.

Module features:
  • The ability to purchase goods directly from the catalog;
  • Visually and clearly shows what options are available;
  • Three types of display options;
  • Graphic display of color options in filters;
  • Adds modern interface elements to the store;
  • The module is compatible with both options and product variations;
  • Supports multi language;
  • Creates a combination of goods in a couple of mouse clicks;
  • Reduces the number of clicks for the purchase of goods with options / variations. Thereby increasing the conversion of the store;
  • Simplifies interaction with the catalog and store.



Category with filter


Установили данный модуль около года назад. Выглядит презентабельно . Бывали баги после обновлений. Тех .поддержка отзывчива . На наши обращения с багами, вносила поправки довольно быстро. В целом модуль работает исправно и удобен в использовании. Рекомендую.
Основные проблемы и костыли последней версии, известные разработчикам, но оставленные без внимания с января 2018:
Добавить произвольный цвет по hex коду не возможно (добавляем напрямую через базу данных)
С UNITHEME не совместим - последняя версия beauty options в cs cart 4.7 не работает, костыль - пока сидим на cs cart 4.6, но unitheme (final) на этой старой версии уже некорректно работает(артефакты с версткой на моб версиях).
По поддержке старых версий: три месяца ждали исправление багов.
Поставил две звезды благодаря хоть какой-то поддержке модулей и потому что, к сожалению альтернативы нет.
Спасибо команде разработчиков, для нашего магазина этот модуль был просто необходим, т.к. мы торгуем детской одеждой и обувью, а это разные размеры и цвета. Без модуля приходилось вводить много одинаковых карточек с разными размерами и цветами, чтобы остатки были корректными. Все работает отлично, рекомендую!


Initial settings

The module is installed using standard CS-Cart tools
Add-ons - Manage add-ons - Upload and install add-on. After installation, you will have additional menus in the administrative panel: MakeShop.pro - Beauty Options PRO - Option and Beauty Pro Options - Colors.

If you use the UNI theme, then in the theme settings, enable the display of the “Show Buy button in products lists layouts”.

We proceed to configure the module in the administrative part of the site.
In Add-ons - Manage add-ons we find our installed module [MakeShop.pro] Beauty options Pro click on it either ⚙ - Manage.

A window appears with the module settings in which you can define three parameters:
  • Show Beauty options Pro in the directory - enables or disables the display of the module in the product catalog;
  • Use in filter - enables or disables the display of module options in the catalog filter;
  • Show all options for products in the catalog and the "Buy" button - allows you to hide or show all options in the product card in the catalog and make a purchase directly from the catalog. When you turn off the settings, the product options are hidden, and the “Buy” button changes to the “Options” button, which, when pressed, will take you to the product page.

Basic settings

The basic settings are in a separate top menu MakeShop.pro

Beauty options Pro - Colors:
All shades are adjusted for the colors that will be used for the “Color” option. For your convenience, we have already added most of the primary colors.

Beauty options Pro - Option:

The basic settings for the option:
  • Name of option - it is necessary to specify the exact name of the option, as it is displayed in the product options;
  • Search for an option by name - if the option is not global, but unique for a product, then you need to apply this setting in order for the module to search for and apply settings to this option;
  • Type - there are three types of display options in the catalog and item card. Colors - the option will be displayed as a colored square. Suitable for the color display option. Blocks - the option will be displayed as a rectangular block, with the text of the option. Suitable for displaying most options with text, such as size. Image - the option is displayed in the form of variations of various images of the product.
  • Filter - allows you to display options in the search filter in the directory.
  • Option - selects the global option that was originally added on the Products - Options page.
  • Show in catalog - allows you to enable or disable the display of this option in the product catalog.


Module Beauty options Pro supports multilingualism. In order for the option to be displayed on the site in another language, it is only necessary to duplicate it in that language. For example, duplicate the Color option in Russian by creating a new Цвет option.

If you want to add the Color option and your language is different from English or Russian, you must separately register all the shades of the colors you need in the additional language. To do this, go to MakeShop.pro - Beauty options Pro - Colors and click on the Add (+) button. Enter the name of the color and its hexadecimal number. Save.



Version ms_beauty_pro_v1.4.8 from 01/18/2019
[!] - corrected translation

Version ms_beauty_pro_v1.4.7 from 12/29/2018
[!] - fixed a issue in addon.xml

Version ms_beauty_pro_v1.0.0 from 12/01/2018
[+] - first version of the add-on


  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • English
  • Русский
  • AB Unitheme
Version compatibility:
  • 4.8.X
  • 4.9.X