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About the project

General Information
Status: Not working
Demo Site:
Date: July 01, 2016
Implementation period: 60 days

The client requested to fix the design of the site which was developed and implemented in one of the studios. The design did not match the store's audience and was a hindrance to the business.

Project Features

Website redesign
Developed a design suitable for the sale of children's products and then rolled it up.
Development of the "Product Options" add-on
We developed a add-on that nicely displays color and size options in the product card.

Service package

Platform and add-ons

CMS "CS-Cart Russian Version"


Setting up the store

Transferring categories, products and reviews


Design and layout

Package "Corporate Identity": prototyping, design of main pages, creating banners for the home page



Development of the "Product Options" add-on



Integration with warehouse system



Service - 40 hours


Andrey Vavilov

Andrey Vavilov

Director, Product Manager
We comprehensively solved problems for the launch of the store:
- Adapted the clothing store template for the children's audience.
- Finalized the add-on of integration with the warehouse.
- Developed a add-on for modifying product options into characteristics. With his help brought convenient filters in categories and product cards.
A number of these modifications allowed us to release a user-friendly online children's clothing store.


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    Home Page
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    Product Catalog
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    Product card

    Customer Review

    We did not turn to right away, we initially worked with another provider. The most unpleasant thing was hearing "We can't do that! When we switched to, we saw how well their work was organized. Each of our requests was logged and we could follow their status. The search for solutions to complex problems was carried out during the big briefing, where we could hear different opinions, pluses and minuses of different options. The final implementation was always happy with timing, prices and quality. I will implement any next site only with these guys! Thank them very much! I recommend them to everyone.
    Customer Review



    The project was worked on by

    Andrey Vavilov
    Director, Product Manager
    Grigory Belkov
    Head of Sales
    Alexei Anoshkin

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