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Analogue of Wildberries in Uzbekistan

About the project

General Information
Status: Working
Date: February 01, 2021
Implementation time: ~6 months

The client set a task to launch the marketplace in a basic configuration in the shortest possible time. They required some modifications such as integration with MoiSklad and specific payment systems used in Uzbekistan. And they also needed help with the release of the application. That we have successfully implemented.

Project Features

Synchronization with MoiSklad
We set up two-way synchronization with the warehouse system "MyStore" which updates products and orders in real time.
Development of HUMO and UZCARD payment system add-on
We have developed from scratch add-ons of interbank payment systems HUMO and UZCARD for payment integration on the site.
Mobile app release
We assisted in the publication of the mobile app.

Service package

Platform and add-ons

CMS CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate + Theme AB: UniTheme 2 + Package of add-ons SEO + Package of add-ons Cross & UpSell + Package of add-ons Speed Up + Package of add-ons "Order Simplification" + Package of add-ons "Dynamic remarketing" + add-on "Automate price quotes suppliers" + add-on "Live Search" + add-on "Send SMS PRO"

~ $7450

SEO works

Technical optimization for search systems

~ $437


Configuring the VPS-server of the client

~ $313


Work package for 40 hours. Any tasks for small tweaks, adjustments and design.

~ $800

Integration with warehouse system

Installing and configuring the integration add-on with "MoiSklad"

~ $250

Development of add-ons: HUMO and UZCARD

Development of add-ons for payment systems of the Republic of Uzbekistan

~ $1500

Andrey Vavilov

Andrey Vavilov

Project Manager
It was a complicated project because of the peculiarities of payment in Uzbekistan where they use an internal billing system. It was very difficult to interact with banks, but we managed.

It is worth noting that all Uzbek partners use their own servers as there are no large hosting providers in the country.


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    Project Features

    CS-Cart add-on for "MoiSklad"

    Warehouse system integration

    We have installed and configured an add-on of integration with the service "Mojsklad" which works on the universal protocol CommerceML 2.0. In the standard setup orders are automatically sent from the marketplace to the CRM, and back to the rest of the goods. For All In we have installed an add-on of our own design through which the exchange is carried out equally between the two systems.

    Cloud CRM "MyStore" provides management of purchases, sales, finances, work with clients and suppliers and warehouse accounting.

    Development of HUMO and UZCARD payment add-on

    Standard CS-Cart solutions for payments on the site do not cover the needs of Uzbekistan market so we were the first to develop integration add-ons with interbank national payment systems HUMO and UZCARD.

    Payment system HumoCard works on the basis of bank payment cards for making transactions both in Uzbekistan and abroad. The Humo system is an integral part of the payment system of Uzbekistan.

    UZCARD provides acquiring activity, processing of electronic payments, as well as acts as a provider, uniting banks, payment organizations and other market participants.

    Mobile app release

    We took part in the release of the mobile app

    CS-Cart is a platform for stores and marketplaces that can be integrated with a mobile app. The application is available for Multi-Vendor licenses and can be released by CS-Cart specialists or a development company. For the All In marketplace the design and functionality was configured on the CS-Cart side with the direct involvement of technicians.

    The team

    Grigory Belkov
    Head of Sales
    Pavel Papaev
    Head of Development
    Artyom Archenkov
    Head of Service
    Olga Kuptsova
    Project Manager
    Ruslan Bagautdinov
    Vladislav Markelov
    Marina Archenkova
    Administrator, layout designer
    Konstantin Malov
    Administrator, layout designer
    Alexander Konovalov

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