Parcel from the Village

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Parcel from the Village

Store for organic food

About the project

General Information
Status: Close
Date: November 15, 2020
Implementation deadline: 35 days

Sergey approached the need to create an online store as the MVP of the marketplace. The plan was to create a site where farmers would place their products under the single brand "Parcel from the Village".

Project Features

Corporate Identity
Adapted the brand identity for the site.
Development of the "Delivery Calendar" add-on
We developed an add-on to manage the delivery schedule, available days and times.
Setting up the "Fractional Residuals" add-on
The product is sold in different weight parameters. It is possible to sell 0.5 kg. Initially the platform doesn't provide such possibilities. A special add-on was bought and set up.

Service package

The platform

CMS CS-Cart Ultimate + AB: YOUPI Theme

~$ 1063

Technical SEO

SEO work + SEO add-on package (14 add-ons)


Corporate Identity

Installing the logo, adjusting the color scheme, the selection of icons, banner design


Delivery Calendar add-on

The add-on settings set the delivery schedule (hours and days when couriers deliver orders). So customers place orders taking into account the available time intervals.


Fractional Residual add-on

The add-on extends the functionality of the product and allows you to use fractional numbers for quantities. For example, 100 grams which are necessary for the grocery store.


Other work

We provide services that are not part of any package, as part of an hourly service. This can be work to add content or products, set up promotions, delivery and payment add-ons, and others.


Integration with MoiSklad

We integrated the store with the accounting system "MyStore" to work with goods, orders and suppliers.


Ekaterina Erokhina

Ekaterina Erokhina

Project Manager
We did a lot of work from scratch, from adapting the corporate identity and uploading products with attractive pictures to developing an add-on for our own delivery model. It was really interesting to make the first store to develop a franchise business. The whole team thanks Sergey for the exciting project!

Corporate Identity

  • Изображение
    Home Page
  • Изображение
    Product card
  • Изображение
    Product Catalog
    Add-on development

    Delivery Calendar

    The add-on for a unique delivery business model

    The add-on manages the delivery schedule of the store. In the settings you can set days and hours when couriers deliver orders. When placing an order, only the specified time intervals are available to the customer.
    • Изображение
      The customer chooses the delivery date only from the active days
    • Изображение
      The add-on has flexible settings. The schedule can be set by day and by hour
      Configuring the add-on

      Fractional Balance

      The store sells by weight

      We implemented the ability to sell weight goods not only by kilograms with the help of the purchased "Fractional Balance" add-on.
      • Изображение
        The customer chooses the desired product weight
      • Изображение
        The add-on sets up the sale in units, kilograms or packages

        Sergey's Feedback


        The project in numbers

        1 month
        The development and turnkey project took us about a month.
        150 orders
        At least 150 orders a month are received by the client.
        $6 250
        Store turnover. It is a good indicator in this niche and region.

        The project was worked on by

        Ekaterina Erokhina
        Project Manager
        Andrey Vavilov
        Director, Product Manager
        Artem Archenkov
        Head of Service Department
        Konstantin Malov
        Administrator, layout designer
        Maria Markina
        SEO Specialist
        Evgeny Buryak

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