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The store of orthopedic goods and medical equipment

About the project

General Information
Status: Working
Site: orto42.ru
Date: July 13, 2020
Implementation time: 27 days

The client approached with a number of tasks to optimize the work of the existing site. It was necessary to update the store, resolve issues with product variations, and set up exchanges with several warehouses.

Project Features

Updating CS-Cart
The site has not been updated for a long time. We updated the store to the current version of CS-Cart and improved the subscription version to continue the correct operation of all functions.
Setting up products with variations
We correctly set up product variations and warehouses for them.
Development of the synchronization with the warehouses
We developed the add-on "Synchronization of price lists suppliers" which updates products based on data from email.

Service package

Platform and add-ons

CMS "CS-Cart Russian version" is an extension of the subscription, the transition to the "CS-Cart Ultimate Russian version"

~ $469

Setting up a CS-Cart store

Updating CS-Cart and Unitheme, setting up product variations and multiboxing

~ $469


Development of a add-on of synchronization with the self-written warehouse system

~ $588

Pavel Papaev

Pavel Papaev

Project Manager
The project was memorable for the close work of the administration and development departments. On the one side we updated the site and set up the variations correctly, on the other side we taught the store to quickly update the goods. In general, the site has become easier and more convenient to work with, both customers and store managers. We have automated a lot of work. Thanks to Marko-Trade for the non-standard project!


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    Project Features

    Updating the CS-Cart platform

    As part of the upgrade task we first made a full backup of the store, then upgraded to the latest version of CS-Cart, theme and add-ons. We customized the basic features of the store.

    After the upgrade it became possible to use customizable products and multistorey, include new showcases to sell new product categories in parallel. New version of CS-Cart was able to connect previously unavailable modules to comply with FL no. 152 and FL no. 54

    Working with product variations

    Originally the site had many separate products that differed by one characteristic. We set up product variations (when you can see all variations by color, size, or other similar parameter in one product card) to solve this problem.

    This solved two problems:
    - shoppers can conveniently switch between product variants on the same page;
    - the store owner can leave only the main products to be displayed removing everything superfluous.

    We have also configured for goods to display multiple stocks, depending on the actual availability at the point of sale.

    Development of the synchronization add-on

    The add-on provides updates on products that arrive by e-mail. The sender is determined by the address; in the settings it is specified how often to update the catalog.

    The project in numbers

    27 days
    solution development and integration
    5 times
    shorter time for price processing
    3 times
    more frequent synchronization with pharmacies

    The team

    Andrey Vavilov
    Director, Product Manager
    Artyom Archenkov
    Head of Service
    Pavel Papaev
    Head of Development
    Alexander Konovalov
    Eugene Yefimchenko

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