Table of contents

Product quality

Increases customer confidence by showing the number of sales and the percentage of returns (defective) in the product card.

Add-on settings

The operation of our add-on depends on the RMA add-on


It must be installed and turned on before installation.


Consider the add-on settings:


Show return statistics tab is to show a tab with statistics on the product card page;


Show the percentage of satisfied quality is to show the value in percent, which is calculated from the ratio of the total items sold to the returned items;

Show the quantity of returns is to show the quantity of returned items in units;

Show quantity sold is to show the quantity of items sold in units;

Show returns by reason is to show the number of returns for the reason selected below;

Select the reason for returns. Here you select the reason for returns for the previous setting;

Show statistics in the product card is to show information about the percentage of returns as a line in the product card.


Show statistics in the motivation block allows you to integrate the output of return information in the block from AB