Product sorting by features

Allows you to sort products in a category according to the selected feature or article. Facilitates the search for the desired product and makes shopping more convenient for customers.


After downloading the add-on , it can be installed using the standard CS-Cart tools on the page Admin panel → Modules → Add-ons → Upload and install add-on (+).

For CS-Cart version 4.13.1 and above, go to Admin panel → Add-ons→ Donwloaded add-ons → Gear button → Manual installation.


Add-on settings

After installation, go to the add-ons settings, section Add-ons - Downloaded add-ons in the admin panel of your site.

In the Settings tab of the add-on , you can enable the preliminary sorting of the product list by its availability in the store - in this case, products that are in stock (sorted by the selected characteristic) will be displayed first, followed by products that are out of stock and also sorted by characteristic.


To add a new item to the sort, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Products - Features section;
  2. Select the characteristic by which you want to sort, for example - "Processor frequency";
    1. Image
  3. Pay attention to the category to which the selected characteristic belongs, sorting will only work in this category;
    1. Image
  4. In the window that opens, check the box in the field ms: Use for sorting;
    1. Image
  5. Find "Characteristic code" and fill it in with a unique name for this characteristic. This is necessary to identify the sorting by this characteristic (if left blank, the code will be taken from the characteristic id);
    1. Image
  6. Click Save;

After selecting a characteristic for sorting, it is necessary to enable its display,

  1. Open the Settings - Appearance section;
  2. Find the list "Available ways to sort the product list". In this list, you should see the newly created sorting items;
  3. Check the boxes next to the new sorting items;
    1. Image
  4. Click Save;
  5. For each of the newly created sorting items, you need to create a translation;
  6. Copy the variable name to the clipboard, excluding the first character. In this case, it will be sort_by_ms_sorting_by_features_cpu_asc;
    1. Image
  7. Open the Administration - Texts and Languages - Edit Texts section;
    1. Image
  8. Click "+" to add a variable;
  9. In the Language variable field, paste the name we copied earlier;
  10. In the value field, enter the translation, for example, "Sort by processor frequency: ascending";
    1. Image
  11. Click Create;
  12. Repeat these steps with the second variable;

P.S. If your site supports multiple languages, you will need to repeat the variable adding procedure for each of the languages.

If you have installed the UniTheme2 template, you need to create language variables twice;

  1. We see that sorting has been created, but the variable names differ from those created earlier;
    1. Image
  2. Open the Administration - Texts and Languages - Edit Texts section;
  3. Click +;
  4. Create translations for the variables that we see in the sorting list:
    1. Image
    2. abt__ut2.sort_by_ms_sorting_by_features_cpu_asc - Sort by processor frequency: ascending;
    3. abt__ut2.sort_by_ms_sorting_by_features_cpu_desc - Sort by processor frequency: descending.