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Export and import of 301 redirect for SEO add-on

Adds export and import for 301 redirect list


After downloading the add-on, install it using the standard CS-Cart tools on the page Admin Panel → Add-ons→ Manage Add-ons → Upload and Install Add-on (+).

For CS-Cart version 4.13.1 or later, go to Admin Panel → Add-ons→ Downloaded add-ons → Gear Icon → Manual Installation.



To export 301 redirects you need:

  1. Open the Administration section - Data export - SEO redirects;
    1. Image
  2. Enter the file name;
  3. Click Export.
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To import 301 redirects you need:

  1. Prepare an import file in .csv format with src/dest/Language fields;
    1. Or use the downloaded file when exporting;
  2. Fill in the fields with values:
    1. In the src column you must enter the path to the old URL;
    2. The dest column contains the path to the new URL;
    3. In the Language column, add the language code;
    4. Path format - ///***

  3. Open the Administration section - Data import - SEO redirects;
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  4. Select CSV separator;
  5. Select file to download;
  6. Click Import.
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