Manager's assistant

The add-on controls the visibility of product information, filters, balances. Allows to show it only for certain groups of users. Adds a customizable tab for the manager on the product card.

The add-on allows you to show information only for certain groups of users. Such as:

  • [Manager] tab with service page in the product card;
  • product filters;
  • stock information;
  • purchase price for manager.

Add-on installation

After downloading the add-on, it can be installed using the standard CS-Cart tools on the page Admin Panel → Add-ons → Manage Add-ons → Upload and Install Add-on (+).

For CS-Cart version 4.13.1 or later, go to Admin Panel → Add-ons → Manage Add-ons → Gear Icon → Manual installation.


Configuring access rights

After installing the add-on, you should set up permissions for user groups: Customers → User Groups and select the required group, for example, "Content manager".

On the page of the selected user group find the [MS: Manager’s assistant] block and select the necessary access level:

  • Full access - the group sees all information.
  • Custom access
  • Access to hidden filters - show hidden filters to the group;
  • View hidden tabs - show the group tabs with hidden information (e.g. purchase price).
  • No access - the selected user group will not see the hidden information.

Control visibility of filters

On the [Settings] tab of the add-on, select filters to which only the selected user group will have access and click the [Save] button.


Manage visibility of warehouse balances in the product card

In order to hide warehouses in the product card, go to the Administration Panel Administration → Stores & pickup points, select the desired store, check the box "Display only to managers" in the [MS: Manager’s assistant] tab and click [Save]. After that, the checked store will not be displayed to anyone except authorized user groups.


[Manager] tab in the product card

The add-on adds a special tab to the product card, which can be seen only by the group of users who have the right to do so. On this tab you can display a page or form. For example, a form of notification of errors found on the product page, which the manager must fill out that the information would be received by the content specialist.

Purchase price display

To display the purchase price you need to install the add-on from make shop Purchase price.

After installing and configuring the Purchase Price add-on, the information will automatically appear in the product card, in the [Manager] tab.


Page Setup:

  1. Create a page or form, in the Administration Panel: Website → Pages.
  2. Select the created page on the [Settings] tab of the add-on.

After performing all of the above steps, a tab with the selected page (2) will appear on the [Manager] tab (1) in the product card.


Creating Feedback form

This feature allows you to automatically add the URL of the problem page when filling out the Feedback form.

Customize the form:

  1. Go to the administration panel: Website → Pages, select Add form, don't forget to fill in the title.
  1. Go to the [Form Builder] tab, customize the required fields.
  1. Select the created form on the [Settings] tab of the add-on and save. After that the Input field for autocomplete product URL when submitting the form is available.

An example of a feedback form created:


This way, the "Problem page" field will fill in automatically when you submit the form.