Export price shops

Import and export prices for multiple showcase.

Add-on settings

The add-on has no settings, after installation it is ready to work immediately.

Import data for multi-window displays

Attention! Import is carried out only on the Goods page (old import)

1. The previously created CSV file for import should contain columns with the specified prices for the storefronts with the corresponding name Price [SHOP_NAME]. To see an example of the name in your store you can do a preliminary test Export prices according to the instructions for exporting prices for multiviews;

2. At the store select the mode All showcases;

3. Import the csv file by going to the Administration - Import - Goods (old import) page;


4. Specify the name, select the file specified in the csv file separator and click Import.


Exporting data for multi-window displays

1. Select the necessary goods or export all through Administration - Export - Goods;


2. To the main export fields we add our fields with the name Price [SHOP_NAME] (mandatory field) and additional fields (the list below)

3. Exporting


The module allows you to import and export fields in addition to the prices of goods for multi-window:

  1. Product name [SHOP_NAME];
  2. Description [SHOP_NAME];
  3. Short description [SHOP_NAME];
  4. Promo text [SHOP_NAME];
  5. Meta description [SHOP_NAME];
  6. Meta keywords [SHOP_NAME];
  7. Page title [SHOP_NAME];
  8. Product URL [SHOP_NAME];