Configuring the progress CommerceML response

The module adds a maximum time limit for data transfer from 1C and MoySklad.

After installation, we specify the hook:

fn_set_hook('ms_commerceml_execute_catalog_import_command_pre', $import_id, $time_limit, $entity_type); in the file app/addons/commerceml/src/Commands/ExecuteCatalogImportCommand.php on line 39:

    public static function create($import_id, $time_limit, $entity_type)
            <b>fn_set_hook('ms_commerceml_execute_catalog_import_command_pre', $import_id, $time_limit, $entity_type);</b>
            $self = new self();
            $self->import_id = (int) $import_id;
            $self->time_limit = (int) $time_limit;
            $self->entity_type = $entity_type;

            return $self;

And also we specify in the settings the time after which the message will be sent (by default 10 seconds).