Add-ons to the CommerceML module

The module displays the Administration->Data synchronization menu for the multivendor version to the main administrator, allows vendors to create a product based on a common product when exchanging goods through 1C, and also disable the ability to create new goods through the 1C exchange for vendors.

Installing the add-on

The add-on depends on CommerceML add-on (1C, MoiSklad, Business.Ru) [Beta]


so it must be installed and enabled before installing our add-on


The settings of the add-on

The add-on has few settings, on the General tab the synchronization logic is configured:


Enable the display of the Administration → Data Synchronization menu:  add a menu item with synchronization settings for the main administrator;

Allow sellers to create items based on common items: during synchronized new items will be created as common items

Allow sellers to create new products: during synchronization new products will be created as new products of the seller

The Additional information tab describes how to add a hook to make the creation of common goods work (addition is mandatory when the corresponding checkbox is enabled)