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Hide products without images

Turn off the visibility of a product without an image


After downloading the add-on, it can be installed by standard CS-Cart means on page Admin Panel → Add-ons → Add-ons Management → Load and Install add-on (+).

For CS-Cart version older than 4.13.1 Admin Panel → Add-ons → Add-ons Management → Gear Button → Manual installation.


Setting up

The add-on doesn't require any configuration and is ready for use right away.

It allows you to hide products without images in one click by clicking on Hide products without images.


Go to Product - Products or Products - Products being sold (marketplace)

Select sorting by Status to check


As a result, all products without images have the status Disabled.

To search for products without images, go to Product - Products or Products - Products being sold (marketplace)

In the Find section, select Advanced Search;


In the opened window select MS: Search products without images;

Check the box Products without images;

Click Search.

As a result, a list of products without images will appear.