Phone Authorization

Allows to authorize by phone with SMS code or password

Installing the module

After downloading the module, its installation is performed using standard CS-Cart tools on the page Admin Panel → Modules → Module Management → Download and install the module (+).

For CS-Cart version over 4.13.1 Admin Panel → Modules → Module control → Gear button → Manual installation.


Setting up the module

To configure and operate the module, you need to install the SMS Services module, which is included in the package. It can also be downloaded separately for free [here] (https://marketplace.cs-cart.com/csc-sms-services.html ).

In the settings of the SMS Services module:

Setting the desired mode. In test mode, SMS messages will not be sent, instead an alert will be displayed on the site. Open the tab of the desired service and enter the settings received in the personal account of the corresponding service.

In the settings of the Phone Authorization module:

We fill in the necessary fields and checkboxes according to the required input parameters.

On the “General” tab, you can set:

  • The number of digits in the confirmation code;
  • The interval for resending the code;
  • The number of attempts to confirm the SMS;
  • Choose an SMS service;
  • Authorization by phone / email;
  • Set the type of authorization by phone.

On the "Countries for phone prefix” tab:

  • To fully display the list of countries, leave the field empty, or
  • Select the necessary countries.

On the “Main countries in the phone prefix” tab:

  • Select which countries should be displayed first in the list.