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This solution is often used for clothing stores. The module translates the options into features!
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The module translates the options into features!

This solution is often used for clothing stores.

The mechanics are simple - the module creates product characteristics based on options. With this, you can create filters based on product options.

The peculiarity of the module is that it allows you to flexibly work with tracking the quantity of goods in combinations of options. The characteristics can be created taking into account the available number of options and without them. Thanks to this you can keep the filters of goods up-to-date.

The advantages of the module:

  • The module is compatible with the following topics: AB YOUPITheme, AB UniTheme, A bright theme, A simple theme, Responsive theme;
  • Support module for the CS-Cart platform and Multi-Vendor version 4.х.х and higher;
  • Full guarantee of the module;
  • Correspondent news. Intuitive and easy installation of the module through the administrator panel without changing the root files.



Отличный модуль
Отличный модуль! Странно, что в CS-Cart нет такого функционала?
Модуль превращает опции товара в характеристики для последующего создания фильтра. Нам нужны были размеры одежды, подошло идеально. Установка 1 минута, все сразу заработало. Нужно обновлять после каждого изменения складских остатков - это просто, жмем кнопку один раз, пересчитывает быстро. На вопросы разработчики ответили быстро и предложили помощь, рекомендую всем.
Perfect for clothing retail, this addon automatically creates size features which can be used for a filter. Extremely easy to set up despite the language barrier. Very helpful developer and quick to respond. Highly recommended!
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The module is installed by standard means of CS-Cart.
Add-ons - Manage add-ons - Download and install the module

The initial configuration

The initial configuration of the module is carried out on the Add-ons - Manage Add-ons, in the settings of the module itself.

Here you can customize:

CRON-key - allows you to automate the update of characteristics using CRON;
Group name for features - determines the name for the group on the page Products - Features;
To look at goods without quantity - creates characteristics, even for products that are not available;
View items if options are not tracked - creates characteristics even for products in whose settings the Calculate quantity of goods is not selected in stock option Inventory - Track with option

 To launch the module, go to the page - Filter by option (Features from option) and press the Start button.

After completing the work of the module in the Feature creation log, we will see the status OK, which means the module has successfully created the characteristics.

To check this go to the page Products - Features. Among the previously created ones, we will see new ones with the name of the group, which was indicated in the initial setup of the module.

Creating a filter and adding it to the categories page

To create a filter from the obtained characteristics, go to the Products - Filters page and click on the Add filter button.

In the window that appears, enter the Name of our future filter. And in the option Filter by select the characteristics on the basis of which the filter is created.
On the Categories tab, select the categories for which this filter will be applied. Or leave it as it is and in this case it will apply to all categories.
Now, to display the filter on the site categories pages, we need to add it to the layout. Go to the site layout Design - Layouts. Select the Categories tab.

We are looking for the block Product filters and go to its parameters. On the Content tab, add the previously created filter.

Congratulations, now the filter is displayed on the pages of your site!

Automate the update of characteristics from the option

To maintain the characteristics in a constant and up-to-date state, you can add a CRON task on your hosting. You can copy the finished command on the page of the module - Filter by options (Features from options).



Version ms_search_filter_option_v2.6.0 от 15.03.2019
[+] Added logging and error display

Version ms_search_filter_option_v2.5.2 от 12.07.18
[!] Fixed translations

Version ms_search_filter_option_v2.5.1 от 01.06.18
[+] Added compatibility with variations.
[+] Added corporate menu

Version ms_search_filter_option_v2.4 from 27.06.17
[+] The functionality of the module is extended
[+] Added setting track the number of options

Version ms_search_filter_option_v2.3 from 27.06.17
[+] Added translation into English

Version ms_search_filter_option_v1.1.0 from 05/21/2018
[*] Updated module functionality

Version ms_search_filter_option_v1.0.1 from 03/18/2018
[!] Fixed translate

Version ms_search_filter_option_v1.0.0 from 03/10/2018
[+] The first version of the module



  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • English
  • Русский
  • AB Unitheme
  • AB YOUPITheme
  • Bright Theme
Version compatibility:
  • 4.7.X
  • 4.8.X
  • 4.9.X


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