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Sorting goods by characteristic

Allows you to configure the sorting of goods in catalogs according to the selected characteristic. Adds the ability to sort by product code (SKU).
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Sorting goods by features add-on

The add-on adds the ability to sort the list of goods by feature and article. And the feature is randomly selected in the add-on settings.

You can also take into account the availability of the goods by displaying the goods that are in the store first, and they will be sorted by the selected characteristic or article.

Features of the add-on

  • It sorts goods by the selected feature
  • During sorting it considers the availability of goods



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Add-on settings

To start working in the add-on settings, you need to select the characteristic by which sorting will be performed.

You can also enable pre-sorting of the list of products by their availability in the store. In this case first you will see the products which are in stock (sorted by the selected characteristic), and after them you will see the products which are out of stock and also sorted by the characteristic

To display the new sortings in the available sorting list, you need to enable them in Settings → Appearance → Available product list sorting methods

That's all, the add-on is ready to work and can sort goods!


v1.2.0 of 26.08.2022
[*] Adaptation for new versions of cs-cart
[*] Removed settings for individual sorts, now you can select multiple sorts in store settings
[!] Fixed errors during sorting

v1.1.3 of 19.08.2022
[*] Changes in add-on files

v1.1.2 of 19.08.2022
[*] Standardization of add-on code

v1.1.1 of 05.10.2020
[*] Changed add-on name and description
[*] Changes in add-on files

v1.1.0 of 01.09.2020
[+] New settings added
[*] Changed filter logic
[!] Fixed errors

v1.0.0 of 26.08.2020
[+] First edition


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