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Extension of the CS-Cart "Reward points" addon.
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A loyalty program is an important tool for attracting and retaining customers for an online store. To organize a loyalty program, CS-Cart has a standard "Reward points" add-on. It allows you to launch a bonus program for the store that works on points. Upon purchase, the buyer receives points with which he can subsequently pay for the goods.

Extended reward points add-on

The "Extended Reward Points" add-on expands the capabilities of the "Reward Points" CS-Cart add-on (both add-ons are required for correct operation). It adds an extended display of information about bonuses to the product card: the number of accrued bonuses (also an output for unregistered users - the Guests group), a link to the loyalty program, you can add a hint explaining, for example, the calculation of a bonus. There is a setting for the percentage of the cost of the goods, which can be paid with bonuses.

Added immediate crediting of points when registering a user. The number of points and the text of the notification that is shown after registration is set in the module settings.

Add-on features

  • Expands the capabilities of the standard Reward Points add-on.
  • Accrual of bonus points for registration (immediately after registration with the display of a message about it).
  • Setting the percentage of the price of a product, which can be paid with bonuses (with the ability to specify your percentages for certain categories and / or products).
  • Customizable information display (number of bonuses, link to the loyalty program, tooltip) in the product card.
  • The ability to display the price in bonuses in the product card.


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After downloading the add-on, its installation is carried out using standard CS-Cart tools on the page Administrator panel → Add-ons → Manage add-ons → Download and install add-on (+).

For CS-Cart version more than 4.13.1 Admin Panel → Add-ons → Add-on Management → Gear Button → Manual Installation.

Click Local, in the window that appears, select the module file, then Upload & install.


For correct operation, you need to configure two modules: the CS-Cart "Reward points" add-on and the "Extended reward points" add-on.

The standard CS-cart add-on is configured in Marketing → Reward Points.

Here, the global value of the number of bonus points awarded for the purchase of goods for various groups of users is set.

You can also set these values separately for a category (applies only if you tick the Override global point value for all products in this category).

And for a specific product (applies only if you tick the Override global/category point value for this product).

The Extended reward points add-on is configured in the add-ons menu.

Registration bonuses - the number of bonuses accrued upon completion of registration.
Notification title
- the title of the notification, which is shown to the registrant after bonuses are accrued,.
Notification text
- the text of the notification that is shown to the registrant after the bonus has been accrued.
Limit payment with bonuses,%
- limitation of payment for goods with bonuses, specified as a percentage, global setting for the entire storefront.
Show price in bonuses
- show / hide the price in bonuses in the product card.
Show bonuses for guests in the product card
- show in the product card the number of bonuses accrued for a purchase for unregistered users (Guests group).

Link to info page - a field for entering a relative link (for example, to the info page of the bonus program or loyalty program), which will be on the line with the number of points awarded.
- next to the line with the number of credited points there will be an icon with a question mark, when you hover over which a short hint will appear.

You can also specify a limit on the percentage of write-off for a category:

and for the product:

The settings are applied as follows: first, the write-off percentage for the product is applied, if it is not specified (or 0%), the write-off percentage for the category is applied, if it is not specified either (or 0%), then the global value specified in the module settings is applied.

The write-off percentage is set for the base cost of the item, and various promotions are not taken into account.


v1.4.3 от 08.09.2021

[*] Updated icon MakeShop.pro.
[*] Addon name changed.

v1.4.1 от 05.07.2021

[!] Fixed bug when installing add-on templates.

v1.4.0 от 05.07.2021

[+] Added the ability to show bonuses in the product card for the "Guests" user group, which will be credited to him if he is authorized.

v1.3.2 от 27.06.2021

[*] Changed the appearance of the registration notification.

v1.3.1 от 25.06.2021

[+] Added a condition: if restrictions are not set for a product or product category, but are set for a top-level category, then it extracts data from it (depending on the settings of the main module "Reward points").

v1.3.0 от 18.06.2021

[+] Added setting of restrictions for categories and products.

v1.2.1 от 17.06.2021

[*] Added a global limitation (of the order value) on payment with bonuses in %.

v1.2.0 от 07.06.2021

[+] Added bonuses for registration.

v1.1.0 от 31.05.2021

[*] Refactoring of the code.

v1.0.0 от 27.05.2021 

[+] First edition.