Tracking 404 errors

Tracks transitions to 404 pages and displays them in the form of a convenient list with the ability to create redirects and export.
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Tracking 404 errors add-on

The add-on is extremely useful for any site, it allows you to track redirects to page 404. In our studio we constantly use it when transferring site to CMS CS-Cart from another CMS because the structure of the resource changes and some errors can appear in spite of the redirects map.

After installation the add-on immediately starts tracking all hits on Not Found Pages. For any error in the interface of the add-on (typo in the address or transition from an external source, no matter) you can see the entire list of dead links and immediately configure 301 or 302 redirect to the correct pages.

Add-on Features

  • Automatic fixing of 404 errors.
  • Counting the number of jumps for each erroneous address.
  • Ability to export and import the list of 404 errors using csv-file.
  • Handy creation of 301 and 302 redirects right in the list of addresses with 404 errors.


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The add-on doesn't require any configuration and is ready to work right after installation.

Working with functionality

The page with the basic functionality of the add-on can be found at Administrator Panel page → Website → SEO → MS: 404 pages.

When any user goes to a page that does not exist (404 error), it will automatically appear in the list of pages not found of the add-on.

For 404 pages you can configure 301/302 redirects to the desired page with a quick edit right in the list. To do this you need to specify the redirect address in the Link to column, select the type in the Type column. After that you should save your changes by clicking the Save button

If you want to add a new entry (mostly for 301/302 redirects), click Add (+) button.

For this:

  1. Specify the link to be redirected in the URL field.
  2. Specify the URL to which the redirect will lead in the Link to field.
  3. Select Redirect Type and click To create.

Editing is generate the same as creating a new record or with the help using quick editing directly in the list.


The add-on can export the list of redirects to a csv file and conversely import the list from a file. This functionality is available in two ways:

1. In the top menu Administrator Panel page → Administration  Import Data  MS: Import 404 pages.

Similarly Administrator Panel page → Administration  Export Data  MS: Export 404 pages.

2. From the add-on menu Administrator Panel page → Website → SEO → MS: 404 pages → Gear Menu  MS: Export 404 pages (or MS: Import 404 pages).

To export, it is necessary to specify which fields except the obligatory redirect_id we will upload to the file. Then write the name of this file and press Export:

To import using the Load button, select the file to load which should contain fields from the list on the page and then click Import:


v1.6.3 from 08.06.2022

[*] Changed add-on description

v1.6.2 from 06.06.2022

[*] Standardization of the add-on code

v1.6.1 from 06.06.2022

[*] The default number of jumps starts from the first

v1.6.0 from 06.06.2022

[+] Updated Export/Import redirects
[+] Added tracking the number of clicks on the wrong link
[!] The Multi-vendor version is now substituted with the storefront name
[-] Removed the old redirect export
[*] Updated the add-on icon
[*] Updated add-on name

v1.5.4 from 20.01.2021

[!] Added a check for the existence of keys in the $_SERVER variable.

v1.5.3 from 12.01.2021

[*] Changed language variables.

v1.5.2 from 11.01.2021

[*] Changed the location of the add-on link in the CS-Cart menu.

v1.5.1 from 14.12.2020

[!] Fixed pagination error for multi-windows.

v1.5.0 from 08.12.2020

[*] Changed the version of the addon.xml schema to 3.0.
[*] Code refactoring.

v1.4.1 from 29.09.2020

[*] Changed name and description of the add-on.

v1.4.0 from 04.08.2020

[+] Added support for multiple storefronts.


  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • English
  • Русский