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Adds a new language variable for shipping methods.
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Add-on Discuss with manager is invaluable

On the cart page they often add a delivery method Discuss with the manager. It is needed in case the client has questions or other delivery options are not suitable. Since this type of delivery does not imply a cost it is done without a price. After such a setting in this type of delivery the inscription Free which often misleads the buyer will be displayed. You might think that this delivery method is free (“Discuss with the manager - Free”).

Just change the language variable will not work because it uses a single language variable for the entire platform and therefore you will change it in other places in the CMS CS-Cart changing the text "Free" for one shipping option.

To solve this issue the Priceless Delivery add-on was developed. The add-on allows you to change the language variable at your discretion.

Add-on Features

  • Allows you to change the language variable in shipping methods.


Отлично позволяет убрать или заменить текст "(бесплатно)" у выбранного в настройках варианта доставки
Спасибо, полезный модуль. Иногда вводил в заблуждение покупателей этот момент. Шаг оформления доставки стал более корректен.
Установил модуль. Круто теперь стало!

А то покупатели буквально понимали, что после обсуждения с менеджером доставка будет бесплатной и каждый раз сильно расстраивались, мол обещали бесплатную доставку, а оно вон как.. :(

Теперь не вводим покупателей в заблуждение :)

За модуль - благодарность!
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After installing the add-on in the settings you need to specify for which delivery methods to use the language variable and its name

If necessary go to Administration  Texts and Languages → Edit texts

And set your own value for this variable:

As a result the delivery methods look like this:


v1.4.0 from 15.02.2022
[-] Removed all unnecessary functionality
[!] Minimized code and removed overrides

v1.3.0 from 18.01.2022
[*] Code refactoring
[*] Updated module icon
[*] Changed language variables

v1.2.1 from 18.01.2022
[*] Fixed errors in receiving and checking email 

v1.2.0 from 24.08.2020
[+] Added the ability to add mail to notify the administrator about the order in the settings of delivery methods

v1.0.3 from 06.02.2020
[-] Removed mechanism for licensing and updating the add-on

v1.0.2 from 01.03.2019
[!] Added a mechanism for updating through the marketplace

v1.0.1 from 01.03.2019
[+] Added a mechanism for licensing updates and use of the add-on

v0.0.5 from 01.03.2019
[+] Added compatibility with new checkout
[+] Added compatibility with the Delivery add-on in the product card

v0.0.3 from 04.02.2019
[+] Added the ability to change the language variable for the product card


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  • Русский
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