Multiple root administrators

Retains root admin rights for the user
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Multiple main administrators add-on

Even if you choose the Administrator user type in CS-Cart, it will not give him full rights (root rights) on the site. And sometimes it is necessary to have several accounts with full rights. There is a way out - set root rights directly in the database

But it happens that such manually granted rights are cancelled. For example, this happens if a user performs actions in the cart in the storefront. Even if it's an employee's account such cancelling is possible when checking the functionality of the site.

Why do you need the add-on

The add-on is designed to retain administrator rights when user data is updated. Each time user data in the database is accessed the add-on will check for an attempt to change root permissions and prevent them from being reset

The add-on also allows you to set such rights directly from the admin panel (without going into the database) in the user's profile settings:

Add-on features

  • It works in the background right after installation
  • It adds the setting of root rights to the user's profile in the admin panel


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The add-on doesn't require configuration, it works automatically after installation.

It allows you to give root rights easily to users who already have administrator rights.

To do this you need to go to the user profile and check the checkbox Give root rights

After that the add-on will watch for disabling these permissions for the user on the storefront side and roll back these changes.


v1.0.5 from 28.07.2022
[*] Standardization of the add-on code

v1.0.4 from 27.07.2022
[*]  Edit

v1.0.3 from 27.07.2022
[+] The ability to assign root permissions to administrators has been added

v1.0.2 from 13.07.2022
[*] Standardization of the add-on code

v1.0.1 from 11.07.2022
[*] The kernel dependency check has been canceled

v1.0.0 from 12.08.2021
[+] First Edition


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