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The complex automation system "InfoApteka" allows you to automate all types of goods movement, starting with receiving price lists of suppliers, automated ordering from suppliers, receiving electronic invoices, automated pricing of goods and ending with retail sales using bar coding technology.

Add-on CS-Cart Integration with "InfoApteka" Service

The "InfoApteka" service is very convenient for pharmacy chains, but does not have built-in integration tools with online stores. Our module adds this possibility, through two-way uploading of information between the online store on CS-Cart and the "InfoApteka" service. The service according to the schedule (by default - once a day, at night), generates a file with information about goods and sends to CS-Cart. The module processes the information and downloads it to the database. After ordering, CS-Cart sends information about the ordered goods to "InfoApteka", in response it receive a file with a message about how much goods remain after the order.

Add-on Features

  • Two-way communication between CS-Cart and "InfoApteka".
  • Send product information to "InfoApteka" immediately after checkout.
  • Automatic conversion of unloading from the "InfoApteka" into a format available for import into CS-Cart.


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After downloading the module, it is installed by standard CS-Cart tools on the Administrator Panel page → Add-ons → Manage add-ons → Upload & install add-on (+).


After installing the module, you need to configure interaction on the part of the "InfoApteka" service, configure mutual access on ftp for CS-Cart and "InfoApteka". You can configure the following values for a add-ons:

Use DPRICE when importing - receive a retail price from "InfoApteka" taking into account the discount.

Discount on import - add an additional discount for online store on import.

Close shop white processing full stock - during full (night) unloading close the magazine display case.


v1.0.5 from 11.03.2021

[*] The link to language file have been changed

v1.0.4 from 11.03.2021

[*] The add-on description and studio name have been changed

v1.0.3 from 27.01.2020

[!] Git https://makeshoppro.flowlu.ru/_module/task/view/task/7794


  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • English
  • Русский