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Adds various stock display options to motivate customers
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The add-on allows you to display information to the client, in the form of convenient icons and informational messages, about the current gifts and the amounts that must be reached to activate the gift. This way you can motivate a client to spend more money. Increasing the average check.

Why do I need the add-on

You want to show visitors to the site information about the gifts they can receive when they buy a product for a certain amount.

Add-on features:

  • Custom design, 5 different templates;
  • Display messages in any convenient place of the site, usually the top of the site;
  • Many options for displaying information about gifts;
  • Various scenarios for receiving a gift and types of gifts: from delivery to discounts on the total amount of the purchase;
  • The account balance of the amount to the gift is conducted in real time, motivating the customer to make additional purchases The ability to display a window with valid gifts when adding goods to the basket;
  • Detailed information about the gift and the amount when you hover on the icon.

Demo page with the add-on “A gift is waiting for you”:





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The module is installed using standard CS-Cart tools.
Add-ons - Manage add-ons - Upload & install add-on Initial setup

The initial configuration of the module is carried out on the Add-ons - Manage add-ons, in the settings of the module itself. Here you can choose whether a separate message will be displayed to the user each time he adds an item to the basket.

Basic setting

For the module to work, it is necessary that on the Marketing - Promotions at least one promotion be created, which it will display on the website page. After the promotion has been created and configured, the Before the gift was tab will appear in the settings for the promotion itself.

For example, we will create an action 10% discount on order from $ 50. To do this Add cart promotion. Enter a name and description on the General tab. Go to the Condition tab and add a condition. From the drop-down list that appears, select the Order subtotal. Then choose equal or greater. And in the end we will indicate the amount of 50.

Go to the Bonuses tab and add a bonus. In this case, it is a discount on order. Choose a Order discount and enter 10.00. Save the resulting share.

Now you can proceed to setting Before the gift was at the created action.

On this tab is present:

Image to pages action - an icon that the module will display;
Alternate text/title - indicates the text, in case the user has disabled the display of images;
Notify action - whether or not to display this gift when added to the basket;
Promo block name - changes the gift description for the options: a circular block, a circular short block and a single block.

After the promotion is saved, you need to place a module block on the layout of your site. On the Design - Layout page, select the desired page layout and use standard tools to create a new block MS: A gift is waiting for you. He will ask us to enter a name, choose one of five types of displaying a block on the site page:

Normal block - all gifts are displayed in the form of a progressive scale with flags indicating the required amount up to a certain gift, with an explanatory text how much money is left until the next gift;
Single block - unlike a regular block, can display only one share, with an explanatory text, what amount you need to collect before this gift;
Consolidated block - the text displays a list of gifts and the amounts required to receive them;
Circular block - displays a circular progressive scale with an icon in the center, as well as a description of the gift and the amount you need to dial to get it;
Circular short block - displays only circular progressive scale with an icon in the center, for one share.

Examples of all display options can be seen on the page: https://uni-ms.ru/dpo

Also on this page, when creating a module, you must select a promotion to which the block will be attached.

Create a block. Congratulations now it is displayed on the pages of the site!



Version ms_promo_gift_v1.1.6 от 17.02.2019

[!] The layout is improved

Version ms_promo_gift_v1.1.4 от 17.12.2018

[!] Changed the description and translation


  • CS-Cart
  • English
  • Русский
  • AB Unitheme
  • Responsive Theme
  • AB YOUPITheme
  • Bright Theme
Version compatibility:
  • 4.8.X
  • 4.9.X